Kobo for eBook reading inside Galaxy Tab

One of the interesting and enjoyable function on a tablet is the possibility of reading books (eBooks). There are already some 3rd party applications that help you to perform this task but Samsung implemented in its upcoming Galaxy Tab a very interesting app. Rather then having its own store like Apple or expecting users to get their desired books from other stores online, Samsung developed it’s own launcher for reading eBooks, newspapers and magazines, all in one place. This will bring to the user over 2.2 million books, 2,500 newspapers and 1,600 magazines.

For eBooks, Kobo will share its impressive shelf collection of books to read, having a bigger collection than iBooks for Ipad. Kobo has designed the whole app exclusively for the Samsung tablet so it should use the full capability of the Galaxy Tab. The other apps included are Readers Hub displaying the newspapers and Zinio for sharing the magazines. Other apps on the Android Market can be used and might do a good or a better job but is good to know that there is an exclusive app specially created for Samsung Galaxy Tab.

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  • Yamahar6

    My question is, this kobo application will allow me to read/import my own e-books, the ones I already have?

    • Yes, the Kobo application will allow you to do so 😉

      • Ornella Sizzi

        How? It does not allow to download Adobe Digital editions.. I can read Epub files but not the ones in PDF

        • I didn’t try Adobe Digital editions…and I don’t know. Sorry.You can ask in the forum for further help 😉

  • Ornella Sizzi

    A question: how is possibible to read on the tablet the books downloaded with ADOBE DIGITAL EDITION?



    • Of course you can read in offline mode.

  • Maris

    It was disappointing to find out the Kobo app doesn’t have the page turning animation that I saw on some YouTube videos. Mine just does the normal slide.

    • Jameseke


  • Juan

    I want to buy the galaxy tab, but before I need to know if would be possible to read ADE on it. If it is I’ll probably buy it right now; but if it doesn’t I won’t.

  • Mehaknarula

    how do i download more books???????

    • You can log in the store. Some are free 😉

      • Zee

        Hi. Does anyone know of the Galaxy Tab supports the Bluefire App? That one allows Adobe DRM epub & pdf to be read on iPads and other ereaders. Thanks

  • Tara

    How do you delete an ebook on the tab once you have finished it?

    • Hold your thumb on the book in the Library and you can delete it after.

      • Tara

        the only option it gives me when I hold my thumb on it is
        read it
        book details

        • You should have received an update for Kobo because I wasn’t able either to remove books before. Did you update the firmware through KIES. There was an update for that one as well ( I have the tab from Europe).

  • Tara

    And why do I need a SIM Card to install Magazine reader Zinio?

  • Antogaro

    Dear sirs: I’ve got a tablet on Android and a PC on windows. My PC has loaded Adobe Digital Edition and many eBooks that work on that system normally. My problem is I can remove these eBooks to the tablet, with Android.

    My question is if you have got any program for Android, to be loaded on the tablet and to remove the eBooks from my PC using Kies and be read on the tablet without problem.


    Antonio Gallego

  • Gdean

    I would like to read an ebook on the Galaxy Tab but am unable to find out how that can be done. In fact, I’ve read a great deal about what a Galaxy can do but precious little about how to do any of it. And, yes, I’ve downloaded the pdf manual but most of my time is spent navigating from this page to that page to yet another page…and so on.

    I’m learning that this device is more for diddling around than for actually getting anything done. I picked up the book I wanted to download at the library and am more than halfway through it and I STILL can’t download the book to this device.

    Am hoping to return this time waster.

  • Jenniepo23

    Does it read PDF files? I have a lot of books in PDF and I am thinking about getting a galexy tab.

  • Taniaa 48

    im new 2 this and am not able 2 figure out where 2 get the ebooks from! How do I do this??

  • Tatan

    And,…. can you buy books from Amazon? (digital books)

  • Pammeehan1

    hi i just got galaxy tab 7 trying to put my e books on but said it synced but cannot find them have ehub and kobo installed?????help

  • Mitchell Clancy

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