T-Mobile in the list of Galaxy Tab providers

T-Mobile might be in the list of carriers that will distribute Samsung Galaxy Tab with their plans. It means that Vodafone will not be the only one to have the Samsung Tablet in their yard. According to Pocket-lint, the tablet has been spotted on the T-Mobile stand at IFA, Berlin.

Many vendors will host the Galaxy Tab and for each one there will be different colors. “Depending on the operator, color can be changed – it is their choice,” says WP Hong, executive vice president and head of Product Planning Team, Mobile HQ. At the moment there are only two colors to choose from : white and black. WP Hong also claimed that the negotiations with the carriers who will distribute Galaxy Tab have been completed : “From America and the European carriers, all the way to China, we have already agreed deals”.

The prices will be decided by each vendor in question: ” Pricing is to be decided by the mobile operators,” says DJ Lee, senior vice president and head of Global Sales & Marketing, Mobile HQ. “The final launch dates will also be decided by the carriers themselves”.

We still have to wait to find out the complete list of vendors and their prices. Would you sign up for a plan or would you buy the tablet from a retailer?

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