Galaxy Tab vs. Galaxy S – Comparisons

Samsung has sold over 2 million copies of Galaxy S since they released their high-end powered Android smart phone in June 2010. It is without a doubt a world-wide success and nevertheless, they are trying to conquer the tablets market as well with the just released Galaxy Tab.

Now the question is how do the new Galaxy Tab and Galaxy S weigh up against one another as devices?


The Galaxy Tab at 7-inch is obviously much larger than the 4-inch Galaxy S.  But when you look at both products regarding the core aspects of the screen, it’s not a big difference even dough they have different screen resolutions.

For example, Galaxy Tab has a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels which looks very good and because of its size it’s better for watching videos and reading eBooks than the smaller Galaxy S. Galaxy S on the other hand delivers a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels on a AMOLED display and offers a crisp and clear experience.

As for a decision, we would suggest Galaxy Tab if you are interested in watching lots of movies, videos and read eBooks and the Galaxy S for general usage.


Both device run on a ARM Cortex A8 processor (1 GHz processor) so there is not a difference regarding this aspect. Both have 512 MB RAM , they run very fast and are quite responsive so there is no winner in this section.


The Galaxy Tab comes with three storage options : 16GB and 32GB internal memory and microSD slot that can hold up to 32GB

Galaxy S has three storage options as well : 8GB and 16GB internal memory and microSD slot that can hold up to 32GB.

At this stage, it looks clear that Galaxy Tab with a total possible storage space of 64GB is way ahead of Galaxy S with its 48GB maximum storage. We believe that the smart-phone its between the normal limits or maybe a bit over, but we expected more from the Galaxy Tab.  If you are a fan of having lots of applications, videos and movies,  then Galaxy Tab should be your choice, even though Galaxy S is not far behind.


In terms of connectivity, both products are similar if you are thinking of buying 3G for the Galaxy Tab. In fact there is no other choice because Samsung does not have immediate plans to release a WiFionly version of the Galaxy Tab yet. They are equipped with the latest connectivity technology (Wi-Fi, EDGE, HSDPA, GPRS and A-GPS) so from this point of view they are one and the same product.


In this chapter, the battle is almost even, both devices having a few advantages and disadvantages. Galaxy S has a 5 MP, 2592 x 1944 pixels camera with autofocus and recording at 720p and also has a second front camera for video chat but the big disadvantage is the flash that is missing so you might it find it difficult taking pictures in dark areas.

On the other hand, the Galaxy Tab has a 3.15 MP, 2048×1536 pixels camera with autofocus recording at 720p and front camera for video chat . Its disadvantage is that it has 1.85MP less than the Galaxy S. The flash is the biggest advantage so you can photo your friends and capture your memories even in low light.

As long as you shoot in day light, Galaxy S might be your choice but if you want a device that can deliver great photos in any condition, Galaxy Tab is the one.


Both products are amazing and they really stand out in their own category. It’s hard to say which product is better and the questions would be :  “why are you going to buy it?” and “how are you going to use the product?”.  Galaxy S is having a great success and the sales continue to grow. Galaxy Tab is not yet available for the general public but Samsung expects to sell over 10m copies by the end of the next year so it is difficult at the moment to say that a certain product ranks better than the other one.

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