Samsung Galaxy Tab price much lower than £599? – Facts

Even though the price for the Samsung Galaxy Tab is not officially released yet, a few retail companies unveiled their own prices for the unlocked version. In the last few days a little price cut has been noticed on Amazon UK website which is now £599 ($935) from £680 ($1061). The interesting part is that the recommended price is still £799.99 ($1247). How much will it continue to go down before its proper release?

In my opinion, the price of the Samsung Galaxy Tab might be much smaller than the current £599 that is advertised on some websites. Why? Well let’s take the facts : At its previous launch (IFA 2010), Samsung did not want to reveal the sale price of the tablet. Further down the line, at the presentation of the Galaxy Tab in NYC for US a few days ago, the Samsung official said that they can’t reveal the price of the tablet and that each carrier will set its own price and we will find out when it comes out. Also Mr. Yoon said “Samsung expects to ship 10 million Galaxy Tabs and take a third of the global tablet market next year.” is a sign that Samsung expects the tablet to be a success and in order to achieve its goals, the price has to be user friendly!

Now the trick with the prices revealed by retail companies can be the following : the prices have been released to the public so early so that the retail companies such as Amazon UK can attract attention and get advertising for free. Remember when Amazon Germany and Amazon UK first released the fabulous price of £799.99 all the websites wrote articles and talked about these prices?  This is free marketing and is quite a good idea if you think about it. That’s why other websites followed their plan and released prices that are quite similar. The dispatch date has been also changed and is now set to November 1st on Amazon’s website so we might see the tab release a bit later.

I recommend not to take into account any of the released prices by any website and wait for the official announcement by Samsung. And if we also add the fact that the Wi-Fi version has been announced and will appear later this year or early next year, there will be also a price difference between this and the 3G version.

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