Samsung Galaxy Tab selling at Carphone Warehouse for £500!

Those who are from UK have a reason to be happy. The Samsung Galaxy Tab is up for pre-order from Carphone Warehouse at a price of £500 ($795) with a Talk Mobile contract and £530 ($842) off contract. If you choose the £500 version, you are signing a 30-day contract rather than an 18 or 24 month contract and you will pay only £10/month for 1GB data allowance. This is great news comparing with other places where the tablet is being sold or advertised at higher price and confirms our previous reasons of why Galaxy Tab should cost under £599.

If you remember, the android tablet was advertised at first at a price of £800 from Amazon which slowly went down to £599. The same price has been seen at different retail companies but now it went down even more!  The 16GB iPad 3G+WiFi version is sold around the same price so the Galaxy Tab started to be competitive from this point of view.

With its upcoming launch on 1st November, we won’t be amazed to see the price going down even more. The carriers will “fight” to offer the best deals available and we might get the device even cheaper.

So are you excited or what?

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