T-Mobile Galaxy Tab rumored date in US and announced in UK

T-Mobile reveled information regarding the Galaxy Tab version which will be launched in US & UK.

T-Mobile UK announced today that will stock the Samsung Galaxy Tab and it will be available in early November. There is no information regarding the tariff or any other contract details but a special “coming soon” page has been launched where you can register to get the latest information if you are interested in the android tablet.

Tmonews reported that T-Mobile US it’s going to release the Samsung Galaxy Tab on 10th November, one day before Verizon. The slide above shows the leaked information but there is no info about the prices. There is also a small error on the slide where instead of 3MP camera it’s written 5MP. We expect the tablet to be priced close to Verizon’s $599.99 price tag.

More information coming soon. Stay tuned.

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