O2 sets the price of the Samsung Galaxy Tab to £599

O2 UK Mobile Operator announced the price for the Samsung Galaxy Tab and it doesn’t sound too good.  The android tablet has been priced at £599 on Pay & Go Mobile Broadband tariffs.

For those who want to use the tablet for voice calls as well, there will be available Pay Monthly and Pay & Go tariffs from which customers can choose. There is no mention about these prices but I don’t believe that O2 will sell too many Samsung tablets taking into account the fact that other retail stores such as Tesco or Amazon priced the slate at £529 off-contract.

  • Beerkan

    Is there any clarification from these providers as to how big (if any) the SD card included in their prices is?

    • The providers will sell the Samsung Galaxy Tab without SD card included (from my knowledge). The Galaxy Tab will ship with 16GB or 32GB incorporated so I don’t think there was a need for a card out of the box with the tablet.

  • Edward Thornton

    Why would anyone buy a pay as you go Galaxy Tab for £599 when they can buy one without a sim for £529 and put your own sim card in it?

    There seems to be soo much confusion regarding the best Galaxy Tab offers. Its really strange considering its released in a few days!

  • I think it is a bit too much as compared to ipad

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