SingTel Singapore to bring Samsung Galaxy Tab on 13th November

SingTel Singapore announced on Friday the release date of the Samsung Galaxy Tab which is set to 13th November. SingTel customers will be able to pre-order the android slate starting with 31st October.

Mr Yuen Kuan Moon, SingTel’s Executive Vice President of Consumer Group, said: “SingTel is committed to bringing the latest innovative products to our customers.  Earlier this year, we created waves by being the first to launch the Samsung Galaxy S smart phone. We are now proud to be the first to introduce an exciting new category of mobile multimedia devices (MMD) to Singapore.  The Samsung Galaxy Tab is the first device of this category and we expect many more to come.

“The Galaxy Tab changes the way people look at mobile devices, as it combines the benefits of smart phones and laptops into a single, highly portable multimedia device.  It provides a fresh new way for our customers to enjoy content and services on the move.  I believe this new category of devices will be very popular this Christmas!”

Samsung Galaxy Tab will come customised at its launch with different applications such as SingTel’s new De!ite app which allows users to search and download Magazines and share their ideas on Facebook or Twitter;  AMPed social music service and MobileTV video streaming service will be available as well along with exCiteTV streaming service.

For those interested in using the Galaxy Tab in the office, the tablet comes pre-installed with SingTel’s OneOffice solution pack and Roam Track app for monitoring overseas mobile roaming expenses.

Mr Moon Sung Hyun, Managing Director, Samsung Asia, said: “Samsung recognises the growth potential of this new segment and the needs of today’s discerning consumers.  To address these needs, we have developed a device that is best in its class, the Samsung Galaxy Tab.  The Galaxy Tab brings all of Samsung’s leading innovations together to provide users with a revolutionary mobile computing experience.  We believe that the Galaxy Tab brings a unique and open proposition to market and are pleased to be partnering with SingTel to bring this innovation to consumers in Singapore. With the Galaxy Tab, consumers will be able to maximise their online experience and stay connected to work, friends and family, no matter where they are.”

The Galaxy Tab will be sold at S$998 off-contract or will come with three plans for which the tablet’s price has not been disclosed yet.

To pre-order the Samsung Galaxy Tab from SingTel, visit their Galaxy Tab page.

UPDATE : The price for the Galaxy Tab regarding the plans described above has been revealed:

  • 3G Flexi Lite – Tablet Price : S$538
  • 3G Flexi – Tablet Price : S$298
  • 3G Flexi Plus – Tablet Price : S$0
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