Amazon is selling Samsung Galaxy Tab T-Mobile version for $699.99

This week, T-Mobile US announced that it will sell the Samsung Galaxy Tab on 10th November for $399.99 with a 2-year contract after a $50 mail-in rebate.

T-Mobile didn’t say anything about the off-contract version of the tablet but now Amazon is offering the Samsung Galaxy Tab T-Mobile for $699.99 (they say you save 50$) and requires only a T-Mobile Pay as You Go prepaid service with no contract. There are also details about the Prepaid and postpaid Plans for the Galaxy Tab on T-Mobile.

The Prepaid options are:

  • $10 100 MB (7 days)
  • $30 300 MB (30 days)
  • $50 1GB (30 days)

The PostPaid offered plans are:

  • $25 200 MB (10¢/MB overage)
  • $40 5 GB (no overage)

If you are interesting in buy-in this version, head to Amazon Galaxy Tab webpage. The ship period is advertised between 8 and 9 days. The list price is set at $749.99.

Is it too high the price taking into account that Bestbuy is rumored to offer the Wi-Fi version only at $499.99?

  • Baruti

    The link to Amazon’s page is broken

    • The link is good. Their Galaxy Tab Page is broken at the moment.

  • Anonymous

    Amazon has no Samsung Galaxy Tabs – T-mobile or otherwise – listed anymore.They had the T-mobile Tab page up through yesterday, but if you clicked on the photo or description, the link was broken .Now it’s not even listed… they must have pissed someone off.

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