Galaxy Tab expected to exceed 1 million sales this year

Samsung has revealed this week that the Galaxy Tab is likely to exceed 1 million sales by the end of this year.

Samsung’s mobile division chief JK Shin confirmed the fact that the android slate has been delayed in Korea but it seems there is a lot of interest in Europe and Asia.

“Although the launching of Galaxy Tab has been delayed a little bit (in Korea), consumer responses in Europe and Asia have been quite good and we are confident of meeting one million sales mark this year,” said Shin.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab is already on sale in UK and is expected to hit US starting with 10th November.

[via : Electronista]

  • Ro_ablate

    With so much required hands phone usage in cars, and cheap and not so cheap BT headsets from all over, I am very disappointed in US carriers being unwilling to offer phone service on the Tab!
    Who wants to carry TWO devices? Who wants to have TWO service plans. Who want to worry about TWO batteries and carrying TWO chargers (no – the Tab does not have a mini USB socket to charge with).
    A MILLION devices? Really?
    Good Luck with That!!

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