How To : Scale apps full screen on Samsung Galaxy Tab

If you have apps or games that don’t scale full screen, a solution to this problem has been found. The guys at released a video tutorial in which instructions are shown on how to be able to enjoy your favorite apps that are not optimised for Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 7-inch screen to run in full screen mode.

You can play the video attached or follow the instructions bellow in order to scale the apps full screen :

  • 1.  Download “Spare Parts” application from Android Market and install it. If you visit us from the Galaxy Tab, follow this link : Spare Parts
  • 2. Launch “Spare Parts”  and scroll down to “Compability Mode”. Un-tick the box and tick it back.
  • 3. Reboot the Galaxy Tab.
  • 4. Launch “Spare Parts” again, scroll down to “Compatibility Mode” and un-tick the box.
  • 5. Reboot the Galaxy Tab.
  • 6. Congratulations. Your apps are displayed in full screen!

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  • Bahmut

    this works great!

    • I am glad that it works ;). Thanks for your feedback!

      • Danial

        It was cool … it’s work and now i’m happy with my galaxy tab … tnx..tnx

  • Talalmh

    The galaxy tabs that are sold in the middle east doesn’t have android market app 🙁 and it sucks.
    This device is too expensive not to have apps
    Anyone can help me install market app?

    • More information regarding how to install market app or other queries can be raised on our forum,

    • Damon
    • Raheem Shariff

      i bought it in KSA too same problem i too did not have Market but i got it with using this steps .
      Please follow these steps to download the “Market” on your Samsung Galaxy S GT-I9000 or Tab.
      (Please backup your device before going on as your device will be reset to (Factory Default) all data will be erased.

      1- go to key pad and enter *#06# it will show you the device IMEI number
      2- write IMEI number on a piece of paper and keep it aside.
      3- enter *#272# IMEI number #
      4- Options will appear on the screen, choose the option XSG and press INSTALL
      5- Your device will restart and “Market” will appear on the screen and in the Applications.


  • Tony

    I have applications loaded onto my Tab which I would like to remove. when I try to remove the Apps the remove section is grayed out making the removable of these apps nil. how can i remove these apps?

  • Love u. works like a charm.
    Bye bye low res games, Hello fullscreen <3

  • Silk

    Scale apps “scales” after reboot, but games don’t (Assassin’s Creed, Burnout, Heroes of Sparta). Am I missing something? Maybe there is something else I need to do, or those apps are just not compatible? Thanks, Slk

    • Did you test any other apps if they scaled full screen? If yes, than those games are just not compatible.

      • adam

        i testes hungry shark and robo defence but unfortunatelly didnt work

  • Hartydeparis

    Great and thanks for this share 😉

  • Dancas32470

    why i can’t find in the market to install the app “Thumb Keyboard” in my Galaxy Tab, it says “item could not be found” any one pls help?

  • Jolo

    this also nook color as well…thanks alot cheers

  • thanks!! 🙂

  • Survivor977

    Thanx a lot… coz some of my games were not running properly…..

  • Araphel

    This solution doesn’t seem to work on all apps. iGO for example doesn’t get scaled to run in full screen, also some other apps and games. I sincerely doubt that i did something wrong, since i got Spare Parts to run on a ful screen, as is seen in the video, but some apps simply stay lower res. if there’s anz solution for making iGO run properly on Tab, please feel free to enlighten me XD

  • Ngimwah

    how do i install window 7 in my galaxy tab????

  • Carlosfonce


  • Darlene

    I have the tab through Rogers with no contract, using wifi most of the time. I can’t access the Samsung apps at all, does anyone know why this is or how to get it going? Also, the Readers Hub only allows me to download magazines and newspapers but not books, any ideas on this problem??

    Thanks Darlene

  • momo

    🙁 Followed Instructions on this Site Result–> bad scaled Apps are at quarter of screen now… what i did wrong?

  • Works great, thank you!

  • jun

    wow! that was nice. thanks.

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  • Guest

    Was getting discussed that the apps I downloaded were only displaying partial
    screen. Contacted many of the programmers for help but not one reply. Works
    great, you the man. thanks

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