Samsung Galaxy Tab coming soon to Vodafone Australia

Vodafone Australia officially announced on Monday the Samsung Galaxy Tab which is under the “coming soon” status.

The android tablet will support premium turn-by-turn navigation by NAVIGON receiving preloaded Australian and New Zealand maps from NAVTEQ. The users interested in the Samsung slate will also get a two month trial of The Australian news application and EA Need For Speed Shift Game. E-book fans will be able to enjoy through Samsung’s Readers Huh 1,600 newspapers, 2,500 magazines and 2 million e-books.

The features included on the tablet include E-reader, Augmented Reality, Web browsing with Flash 10.1 support, full HD (1080p) playback, Google Mobile Services such as Search, Maps, Goggles, Sky Map, Market, Android Market Youtube and many more.

A detailed list of technical specs released by Vodafone can be found bellow.

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