T-Mobile US Samsung Galaxy Tab on sale now!

As we revealed a few days ago, the T-Mobile US Samsung Galaxy Tab version is on sale starting today, 10th November, being available for $399.99 with a two-year contract or $599.99 contract-free. This is after T-Mobile officially announced Galaxy Tab on 10th November a few weeks ago and its price was reconfirmed by a leaked ad later on.

If you choose the two-year contract, you can opt for one of the following data-plans : 5GB data for $39.99/month or 200MB data for $24.99/month. Also both plans come with unlimited use of T-Mobile WiFi hotspots, unlimited use of SMS and MMS. Unfortunately, there are no voice plans which means that the North American versions of the android tablet won’t be able to make phone calls.

T-Mobile is one day ahead of its competitors, Verizon releasing the Galaxy Tab on 11th November for $599.99 off-contract and Sprint on 14th November for $399.99 with two-year contract.

So did you get yours?

  • Anonymous

    hmm, with the a Super AMOLED version, a 10.1-inch flavor, and a tablet-tuned Android, just hit Verizon retail for $599.99, really stunned, but Im not really caring about a comparison to the ipad, there must be lots of folks think so? Well, ipad more likely a consumer electronic, a great portable movies, videoes and game device, at least now Im sucked in movies watching on it in the help of iFunia iPad Video Converter, and now Game center, be a great game playing platform, of course the E-mail and surfing internet or do some office work on it are also handy and convenient.~~~Well, but the Galaxy Tab got its features and superiority and must be on fire too, time will prove that… In a word, both are winsome, the ipad has time superiority, and is $499 for the wifi only version makes some more appealing.

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