Samsung’s Galaxy Tab Open Source Code now available!

Samsung just released to the public the Open Source Code for the Samsung Galaxy Tab. The android slate is already on sale almost all over the world and we actually expected for the source code to be released. In fact, not all the software on the Galaxy Tab Android 2.2 is open source which means that only portions of the code are available.

For those interested, the portions that are free are now available “Mobile” on Samsung’s Open Source site. Developers will be able to find on the website versions of the code for the Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon and AT&T releases of the Galaxy Tab which is now on sale in US. The other versions available are for Asia, Hong Kong/Taiwan, Brazil and International.

Here is the list with the relevant files that can be found on Samsung’s Open Source site :

International Versions

  • (South East Asia) – GT-P1000
  • (International) – GT-P1000
  • (Hong Kong/Taiwan) – GT-P1000
  • (Brazil) – GT-P1000L BR

US Versions

  • (Verizon)  – SCH-I800 USA DJ11
  • (T-Mobile) – SGH-T849 USA
  • (Sprint) – SPH-P100 USA DJ30
  • (Sprint) – SPH-P100 USA DJ14
  • (AT&T) – SGH-I987 (not available yet)

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