Galaxy Tab receives further price cuts in UK

It seems a long time since Galaxy Tab was first priced on the web for an outrageous £680 in UK. The predictions didn’t look good at all but since the android tablet has been released almost all over the world, the prices dropped…a lot!

On 1st November, the Samsung Galaxy Tab received a price of £529 at its lunch in UK from different retailers, matching its equivalent Apple iPad. After a week, we noticed prices starting to drop again £480 and now the Samsung Tablet is priced at £469 ($745). This level is matched by PC World, Dixons, Currys and Tesco. Are you surprised?

Now the tablet looks more affordable for the majority of the customers and is closed to Apple’s iPad 16GB Wi-Fi version which costs £469. Is the tablet going to reach the £400 borderline by the end of this year? Maybe Samsung can afford to play with the prices because it only costs them £135 ($214) to manufacture the device! Also if we take into account their prediction of 1 million tablets sold by the end of the year, the Galaxy Tab should have a really attractive price.

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