Ubuntu hacked to run on Samsung Galaxy Tab!

Yes, you heard it right! The guys from XDA-Devs managed to boot Ubuntu on the Samsung Galaxy Tab, even though this comes with a few strings attached.

It has been discovered that the method used to boot Ubuntu on the EPIC 4G works the same on the Galaxy Tab. Check the video bellow which shows how to preload Ubuntu and also delivers a quick usage presentation.

As you can see, the OS is not exactly designed four touch devices and it will work better with a mouse and a keyboard. Still, it works well and also web navigation is not that bad. If we will be able to hook up a keyboard and a Bluetooth mouse, I believe this will make it like a true “Ubuntu device”. It’s clear that work still has to be done and if you are interested in powering the Galaxy Tab with Ubuntu, you will have to follow a long step by step installation procedure.

To install it, head to XDA-Dev [Link 1 , Link 2]or visit our Forum! If you are able to make it run, let us know how it works and performs. 😉

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