Samsung sold over 600,000 Galaxy Tabs since launch

Samsung Electronics Co. revealed on Sunday that it has sold more than 600,000 Galaxy Tabs globally since launch. This means that the Korean company is on track with 1 million tablets expected to be sold by the end of this year, as they stated a few weeks ago.

According to Koreaherald, Samsung sold in Korea around 30,000 Galaxy Tabs  since its launch on 14 November through SK Telecom. The company stated that “the consumer demand for its Galaxy Tab has been robust, outpacing supply in most countries.”

“We believe tablet PCs will take over a bigger portion of the market next year,” Samsung’s mobile division head Shin Jong-kyun said at the IFA gadget expo in Berlin in September. “For this year, we’re projecting to sell up to 1 million units.”

[via KoreaHerald]

  • Andrewh

    lol … Apple sold that many iPads in a single weekend.

    • Of course, Apple effect ¬_¬

  • Alex in Toronto, ON CA

    I always thought Samsung was a great company until I researched their refrigerators and contacted their USA customer service. Now, I won’t even bother researching their products.

    • Refrigerators , Tablets, smartphones, TV’s are different. You can’t include them all in the same category ;). For example they produce the best TV’s out there.

      • Alex in Toronto, ON CA

        Have you ever called 1-800-SAMSUNG. Their CSR skills are about the same as telling you to they are not interested in speaking with you. Go ahead, ask them some questions about the quality of their products. If they answer with, “We haven’t had to issue any recalls.” they are not answering the question.

  • Pridemman

    SO far I can’t get any web page with flash to work, they may well have Adobe flash 10.1 built in, but it works only with their installed apps, not with anyhting on the net. Buy the Toshiba, it’s 50% bigger and half the price.

  • Anonymous

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  • meliss’jane

    there not that good as everyone made them out to be!
    mine broke when i only had it a week

  • Anonymous

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