Best Buy lists Wi-Fi only Galaxy Tab for $499.99 but gets delayed by Samsung

Best Buy lists the Samsung Galaxy Tab Wi-Fi only version right now on their weekly Best Buy ads page for $499.99. Under the code SKU 1409447, the Wi-Fi Galaxy Tab seemed to arrive earlier than expected but Best Buy displayed a quick announcement later in which informs us that the Wi-Fi only Galaxy Tab is not available due to manufacturer delay. Hopes showed up but were quickly wiped out by this last minute notice.

If you remember, a few weeks ago we displayed a leaked ad from Best Buy which showed the Wi-Fi only Galaxy Tab receiving a price tag of $499.99. We still have to wait for this version to be on sale but now that you have an idea of its price, are you tempted in buying it?

Let us know your thoughts!

[ via Engadget ] , [ source : BestBuy , @jeffjarvis (Twitter) ]

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