Black Friday Deals for Samsung Galaxy Tab

With Black Friday knocking at your door, here are a few deals for Samsung Galaxy Tab that might get your attention:

Best Buy

Best Buy is offering the Samsung Galaxy Tab version from Sprint and Verizon with a $50 discount. So now, the android tablet from Sprint costs $549 and the Verizon version costs $549 as well. It’s not a big discount but it’s something.


As we reported a few days ago, a leaked photo revealed that the Samsung Galaxy Tab will be distributed by Costco.  Now the retailer is selling the Verizon version of the Galaxy Tab for $539.99 from $589.99. This means $50 discount and $10 cheaper than the slate from Best Buy.

Office Max

Office Max is selling the Sprint version of the Galaxy Tab for a special $399.99 with any plan.  From the add attached, we can tell that the android tablet received a discount of $250, being initially priced at $649.99 with any plan.
So there are quite a few deals and if you are interested in a discount, this is the time to get the Samsung Galaxy Tab. If you know any other deals, leave us a comment bellow and we will add them to our list.

  • oh hell, is it pricier that Apple iPad??

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