How To : Bypass activation on Samsung Galaxy Tab

If you managed to get your hands on a Samsung Galaxy Tab without a data package, here is a short trick that shows you how to bypass the activation on the android tablet in order to freely use it in Wi-Fi mode only.

  • Press “Volume Up” one time
  • Press “Volume Down” two times
  • Press “Volume Up” three times
  • Press “Volume Down” four times

Yes, that’s it! It’s simple to unlock the Galaxy Tab and now you can go and enjoy surfing the web through Wi-Fi on the Samsung Galaxy Tab!

  • Umgeleitet

    This method does NOT work on the Sprint Galaxy Tab.

    • Did you try each volume up/down that many times we wrote up there without stopping?

  • Works perfectly on the Verizon Galaxy Tab. Thanks!

  • Marienvuik

    Worked fine for me .I traded my ipad for the galaxy tab.And i did not want to sign up with verizon.

    • luckyluke

      Doesn’t seem to be working for me. When I turn the device on, it shows an unlock symbol on the left, and a sound related symbol on the right. I tried the volume sequence above. Mine too is a verizon device. Any advice?

      • Sage66

        OK, I’m an idiot. Works from the activate screen. I was trying to do so before reaching this screen. Thanks, all.

  • No

    It works but you have to do it on the screen after “select language”.

  • Goblin36

    how do you do this please? from the home page? settings? i’m confused sorry

  • Ozimel

    if you use this method to use the Tab in wifi mode only can you later use 3G?

    • Jpzante

      hi, i was hoping we could get some answers if after bypassing the 3g activation, how do we use 3g again?

  • Barbara

    THIS IS SO PERFECET!!! It worked and I cannot believe it. I had a contract on an original tab which I returned to Best buy. I then got one on Ebay (saved a few bucks) and when it arrived I acctivated it using your up down up down info. PERFECT, I am still in shock. How come Samsung doesn’t tell you this? why do you really need a contract anyway??

  • rswalm

    I recently purchased a Verizon Tab and activated before seeing this. I intended to cancel my monthly contract after my first month and then only use wireless. Will that work or do I then need to do this up/down method after I cancel?

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  • kev

    does this work 4 sprint?

  • Hunternfla

    cant get it to work on my sprint do you need to be at a curtain page ?

  • BritMW

    Can anyone confirm that this works for the Sprint version?

  • Sj Bq Fans

    does this seriously work???

  • Brigitta1965

    i dont understand in which precise screen you must follow this procedure…???

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  • how do you reactivate it when you need to use the sim again?

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