Android and Galaxy Tab gets the brand new Google Maps 5.0

Google is planning to release a new version of Google Maps for Android codenamed Google Maps 5.0 and is possible to arrive on Galaxy Tab soon. The guys running iOS will get really jealous on what the new Google Maps will deliver for Android. Here are some upcoming features which I bet you will love :

Manipulate 3D Maps

Google Maps 5 will use vectors which will allow you to see maps in 3D. If you played with Google Earth on an Android device before, you will notice that you will be able to tilt and rotate any map with your fingers. Quite cool, right?

Offline Mode

Thanks to the addition of offline caching, making trips to areas with no data reception will make them much better. The maps/routes from around will get internally cached you will still be able to reroute in case you miss an exit in the GPS Navigation mode .

Faster load and navigation

You won’t have to wait anymore for Google Maps to render everything in real time when you access the app. Some content will pre-load on the tablet so that you will get an instant access to everything that it’s around you. You can leave your Galaxy Tab for example during the night to pre-load the maps around through 3G/Wi-Fi and when you wake up, you won’t have to worry about slow loading time.

No word on the update yet but we expect to see it soon on the Samsung Galaxy Tab and the best part is that is completely free. We have attached a demo with the new Google Maps system presented on a prototype Motorola tablet running…wait…wait…Honeycomb!!! Yes, we will write an article in which we will give more details related to Android 3.0, Honeycomb so keep your eyes on!

  • vrulz

    wow … this is really cool !

    • Arpetnel2

      just installed it!!, its really cool!

  • Tronanse


  • Lee piper

    how do i get it

  • I am now excited to use this feature!!!

  • Matisse

    Interesting.  I’ve noticed something:  “There are lots of ‘relatively verbally capable’ folks in the ‘tech’n’arena’ who can explain things well, were they one-on-one with the listener, but … in a venue such as YouTube or streamed or broadcast media, they REALLY need (they being the producers of the venue) to remember:  THERE ARE PEOPLE MUCH MUCH MORE SUITED to deliver ‘complicated’ information such as “how to operate your new tablet.”  Otherwise, you end up watching what is very much akin to a group of geeks sitting around a coffeeroom (or smoking area) and “geek speaking.”  You just can’t follow them OR they don’t “deliver” the message properly … this video is interesting in that the lady and the demonstrator of the ten-thousand dollar “I have it and you don’t” tablet manage to say/ask/answer some interesting tidbits, but holy SMOKES they don’t belong “out for public consumption.”   I what happened is that too many “talking heads” TRIED to deliver information such as this, but it became apparent that you CAN’T if you don’t know what you’re talking about … and there are very few left in the U.S. (different story in other countries) who will take the time to RESEARCH before they open their mouths in front of a camera; the pride in professionalism is gone.  SO:  we’ve decided to go with those who know … they, unfortunately, don’t know “how to deliver” because they never learned.  Isn’t there a “broadcast-trained techno-geek” out there anywhere?  Such a person is VERY sorely needed and could probably name their price!    … I’m just sayin’ …  :o)

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