Samsung Galaxy Tab UK gets FREE Entertainment Package worth £200!

Samsung UK just released an exciting new promotion for those who bought a Galaxy Tab or are planning on buying one from UK : FREE Entertainment Package worth £200!

What do you get?

Yes, it’s true! Well the package consist of the following :

  • 15 Movies from Samsung Movies – worth £165
  • 7 Games from Gameloft (2 come pre-installed) – worth £21
  • £25 worth of Books from WHSmith app
  • 50 MP3 downloads from – worth £21

How much?

Well the whole package is FREE of charge. If you purchased a Samsung Galaxy Tab from UK or you are going to buy one, you get all the above at no extra cost. All you need to do is to complete your details along with your Galaxy Tab IMEI (found at the back of the device) on Samsung Galaxy Tab UK website and you will receive an email with vouchers and instructions.

The promotion is valid from 8th December 2010 until 28th February 2011.

  • sasa1971

    I was dubious at first but the link takes you to the Samsung website where you can register. If successful you get an email almost instantly. The greatest joy is the free movies!!

    • I am glad that it worked 😀

    • Jm3leigh

      Where do i go to get the code, help!

  • Sirenetta

    I registered and got nothing. The web site has no reference to the promotion and a search on “entertainment package” shows zilch. Have they withdrawn it?

  • Goblin36

    i registered and got an email with the codes straight away!
    brilliant! thankyou very much x

  • Leemdavies

    I have just bought a tab on T-Mobile im im having real trouble with this. i have the email with all the codes but it says use the ‘samsung games’ and samsung movies’ apps on the tab itself but i dont have them. i have searched up and down on the web and have even registered a samsung apps and movies account through the website but still no joy. its really hacking me off!! is there any advice you could give me, i’d really appreciate some help. the support seems to be abysmal!!!! thanks in adv.

    • Hey.

      Samsung Games url : (access from the tab)

      Samsung Movies :

      Try the links from the tab. I have 2 icons on the menu which redirect to those 2 links for games and movies.

    • Goblin36

      hi i’v just had a look and i don’t have samsung game apps or the movie app on my homescreen? do you know where i will find these? do i have to download them from themarket? please,thankyou x

      • They should have come pre-installed on the tablet. Use the links in my previous reply to use the vouchers.

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  • Goblin36

    hi bogdan thankyou very much i hav’nt got the icons on my homescreen,but thankyou for the links.

  • Tim

    I tried but it didn’t work for me 🙂
    I think it must be because I bought my Galaxy Tab earlier than the promotion period “This promotion is only available… …who have purchased a Samsung Galaxy Tab… …during the Promotion Period”
    What a pity!

    • Goblin36

      hi tim
      i only got my tab a month ago and got the entertainment package last week,so it should work for you too x

    • Goblin36

      hi tim the promotion doesn’t end untll feb 2011?

    • I bought the Galaxy Tab before the promotion as well and I was able to get the vouchers. Where did you buy the Galaxy Tab from? They might have not registered your Galaxy Tab properly to Samsung.

  • Rob84


    I just bought the Galaxy tag and loving it but I’m getting frustrated about your £200 package promotion- When I insert my details and correct IMEI number I get an error that it is an incorrect IMEI number but I’ve checked over again and all is correct.

    Do you have to put a sim in the tab first or does it take a day or two for the IMEI number to sync with the promotion?

  • Blakegsmith

    registered and got my codes, but on the movie app it wont let me sign in and dnt seem to be adding my free movies to my account when do it on my pc, when try on my tab i cant even sign in. Just reloads the home page, help plz

  • Blakegsmith

    registered and got my codes, but on the movie app it wont let me sign in and dnt seem to be adding my free movies to my account when do it on my pc, when try on my tab i cant even sign in. Just reloads the home page, help plz

  • Apday101

    Registered and got only WHSmith voucher so far. Tried to use this on the App on the tab, didn’t work. Tried it on the PC website and it worked. Now I can’t transfer the books back to the tab and the app bookshelf states no books have been downloaded…..very frustrating to say the least.

    • Derek

      Not received my Samsung tablet tablet pack yet. Registered 31 December 2010. I believe that Samsung just wants peoples credit card numbers. I just use my Samsung galaxy tab for nothing more than watching videos, Youtube downloads, and listening to music. I leave it on all the time in airplane mode. It’s fantastic for on the move entertainment.

  • Jm3leigh

    Where do i go to do details as iv gone on to promations but its not there please help

  • king

    I have tried website listed and under promotions there is no reference to galaxy tab? Any ideas where i have to register my galaxy tab?

    • It should load directly in the galaxy tab website.

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  • Sara Johnson

    Hi, have got my codes but how do I claim my movies as it tells me to pay by paypal? Told that my code was added to my shopping basket then got to checkout, can anyone tell me what I do then? do I go to pay ?

  • OR

    Hello. I managed to activate the movies voucher (took me a while though) and downloaded 2 movies. Since then, every other one returns an error message and wouldn’t allow to download movies at all. Please advise how to deal with this issue

  • Stevenjlvr

    Please could someone help i have downloaded some movies but i cannot get them to play they say i need a licence to play them.


  • Rjwexmouth

    can anyone help me with reference to downloading free galaxy tab entertainment package from samsung can not register tab ta

  • Dws

    I successfully registered for the promotion but the email never arrived. What do I do?

  • Dws

    There seems to be lots of problems with Samsung’s promotion.
    Are they going to address peoples problems or have we all lost out on the offer?

    How do I get the email resent?

    • Shaneadams70

      I never received my email either and phoned them and got someone who spoke little English and eventual after repeating letters of my post code 18 times he said it would be sorted but still not received my email what a joke

  • Kcokie

    i cannot find the WHSmith e-books tab – can you help me pls? want to download books as i am travelling
    i have the email about getting the promotion but the tab doesn’t seem to be responding to them.
    can’t get the £200 package activated on the tab at all. the website to which bogdan (do you work for galaxy tab?) referred us brought me back to this one

  • Alsagertown

    Got my TAB last week and tried to Movies and Games and all work fine. Its a but messy with the Vid’s so downloaded onto PC and tired to transfer with KISE but seemed to takes ages, so scrapped that and went for the direct USB mass storage and 2 mins later ;-). Will have a look at Books next, downloaded app so far with WHSmith

    • Terry

      I have the same problem…KIES just sits there for 30 minutes doing nothing….please explain what you did

  • Dodgee

    The Samsung £200 Tab entertainment package is ONLY AVAILABLE to those Galaxy Tabs purchased during the promotion period (8/12/10 to 28/2/11. If, like me, you purchased before 8/12/10 then Samsung will NOT include you in the offer.( I purchased my Tab on the day of release). I actually called the telephone support line and got my information from them. Come on Samsung treat the people that had faith in your new product and bought early. After all is only one month.

    • Welshblood

      I’m the opposite to you: Got my Tab the day AFTER the closing date. Ordered before closing date, but delivery took longer than expected. Emailed & rang Samsung, but to no avail. I think they should look after existing customers, as if they don’t, they will not get repeat business.

  • Emma

    Everytime I try to download movies I am asked for payment. Why is this? What am I doing wrong?

  • Steve

    registered oin 7th JAnuary still not had an email with vouchers yet

  • Mutleysmusic

    Had my tab a few months and mostly love it but if i turn it off then on some of the apps i put on the main screen will revert back to the secondary app position. Today it also deleted all the films i had downloaded from samsung films. All 4 movies disappeared from the movies app? Anyone else lost information. Cheers mutley

  • Desi

    Just to let you know I got my Tab last weekend and the Samsung Movies site is STILL a big fail. Awful, awful site.

    Half of the time the pages aren’t there. Sometimes the voucher code isn’t recognised at all, other times it says it

    is but when you go to the basket the discount hasn’t been applied. I’ve tried so many times to get the voucher to

    actually work, I know the code off by heart. Customer service link just points to a generic Samsung website with no

    actual customer service email that I can find. Some of us work until 7pm, so can’t phone. Presumably they gave

    away this deal to try and encourage people to buy a Tab (I have no problem with the kit) and use their download

    sites (never again!). Samsung UK’s Twitter account has mysteriously disappeared.

    Also, a minor point but it just goes to show how shoddy the site is, Samsung Movies shopping cart has too many P’s

    in it. Shoppping? Don’t they even put it through a spellchecker? Just goes to show what a bunch of amateurs this

    Acetrax are. Samsung make great kit but they don’t choose their third party suppliers well. Either that or the

    companies they’ve chosen wanted to give out freebies were struggling for business – and I can see why.

    And as for WHSmith; I’ve bought ebooks from them before and the first one I bought was full of errors. Looked like

    it had been scanned then OCR’d. I told them when I mailed them, if I wanted something like that I’d have Torrented

    one. This time, the Android app didn’t like the voucher code, so I bought the books on the website. It won’t

    download them, nor will it put them in the app Bookshelf.

    I have not even TRIED the music download.

    Beginning to feel a little defrauded here. On my travels through the net for help on this, I found a thing from

    Samsung that says this: “You must redeem your vouchers by midnight on 31st March 2011 otherwise they automatically

    expire […] Samsung shall not be responsible for any non-receipt of voucher codes or the failure of any links from

    the vouchers code to the vouchers at the relevant third party websites”

    So they’ve offered a carrot to get us to buy the thing, but then say that they don’t actually HAVE to produce the

    carrot. Trading Standards anyone? I feel sorry for anyone suckered into buying a Tab on the basis of this offer at

    the end of February, because they’ll only have a month to sort all this grief out.

    • Desi

      Sorry about the way this post has turned out for formatting, by the way. No idea why it looks like that.

  • truesuestory

    Bought this as a Christmas prezzie for my husband. He is SOOOOOOOooooo fed up with trying to get the £200 worth of stuff. It’s not worth it, Samsung, you should be ashamed – this is a real rip off, difficult, complicated, time-consuming poorly documented and over-embellished as comprehensive offer. Impossible to claim. Apple treat you better.

  • Mitchell Clancy

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  • Lillian Windser

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