ezPDF Reader: Full featured PDF Organizer & Reader for the Samsung Galaxy Tab

I am a tech centric student. I look for ways use technology to make my life easier especially when it comes to school. So I will highlight an app, not necessarily designed specifically for the tab, that has helped me become a textbook reading, PDF organizing machine!

Organizing & Reading PDFs: ezPDF Reader

Believe it or not, finding a great PDF reader is extremely difficult. It took me months to find one that does exactly what I want it to do. Because I am able to find most of my textbooks in PDF format and have to read a lot of chemistry journals it was important to find a great PDF reader. I will try to include alternative apps that Ive tried because, if your anything like me, you like to see what else is out there (and what didn’t work for me).

Alternative I’ve Tried:
Adobe Acrobat Reader
Documents to go
Repligo Reader

Some of these apps offered great features seperately but there wasnt one that had everything I need.

-Great user interface. It almost feels like it was designed with the tab in mind.
-Folder organization
-True multitasking. If you leave the app and come back you will be right where you left off. Surprisingly many other readers didn’t do this.
-Automatically scans SD for PDFs
-Beautiful animation when you switch pages (feels like like your flipping through a real book!…kinda)
-Text reflow
-Outline/Table of Content option
-Free PDF conversion software for both Macs PCs.
-Its only .99 cents!

-No batch selection of files from the “Recent” tab nor the “All PDF” tab. I have to long press each file one by one to put them into the “My Document” THEN I can select multiple files to move into a specific folder. Very unintuitive.
-Main menu doesn’t rotate. Would be nice to be able to use the whole app in landscape mode.

So as you can see, there are a couple cons to this app but the pros definitely outweighs them. This a great app to keep all your PDFs organized. This will compliments the “one hand reading” capabilities of our Galaxy Tabs. Its hard to find good rock solid apps for under a buck so make sure you go pick this one up! Hey I rhymed!

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  • Tommy

    Downloaded it myself. It’s really an excellent app. 5 stars

    • Miloj Kakic

      How did you do that,i cant find it on market?

  • Ceo

    I need a proper PDF reader for my GT P1000, where may I download this software?

  • Ayman

    You can download this from the android market.

  • Sighange

    i was looking for a pdf editor (which can allow me to underline/highlight text). Ok, this one is good, but unfortunately it doesn’t really have this “thing” i need the most. I can only select, nothing else. And just a max of one line at once…

  • jin

    best PDF Viewer for Android

    • zig

      How did you do that,i cant find it on market?

  • Nananc

    download link anyone???????????????????????????????

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