[How-To] Install Newest Version of the Android MarketPlace on Samsung Galaxy Tab

Most of us have been expecting a major UI overhaul in Android 2.3 aka Gingerbread. Unfortunately I was disappointed to find out that the overall UI of Android didn’t change much but rather “enhanced”. Well luckily one thing pertaining to Android did in fact get an overhaul, the Android MarketPlace. Thanks to the guys over at XDA, they managed to get the updated MarketPlace app and boy is it sexy! It looks great on the Galaxy Tab. Here’s how to get it!

1) Download the APK file to your Android Phone

Click here to download

2) After it’s done, either click to open the file or use your favorite file manager (ES File Explorer, astro, etc) and go to your download folder. This should be at the root of your SD card.

3) Find the file named com.android.vending_2.2.6.apk and click on it. If your using Astro, click “open app manager”. If your asked, what should you open the file with, make sure you click on “Package Installer”.

4) Let the app install. After that you are done! Click done and launch up the app and you will presented with the Gingerbread edition of the Android MarketPlace.

5) If for some reason you want to remove the new version just go to your homescreen>menu button>settings>Applications>Manage Applications>Running Apps> Find the market App and click on it>select uninstall.

Note: this will only remove the update and not the entire market.

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  • Coen_nos

    Thanks Man 4 let me now !

  • Yousef

    Thank you for sharing the app. I installed it and it looks great. I can search the market for apps, but when i select any application for download, the tab vibrates and the market app force closes. What do I do to make it work?

  • Shashank

    Hey the app keeps crashing? what should i do?

    • Try to uninstall it and install it back again. If it still doesn’t work, stay with the old version until an update is on the way.

    • Yousef


      One solution would be to change the “Sales Code” in Preconfig. To do this, enter the following code in Phone (dialer) application:

      *#272*(your devide IMEI)#

      You can get your device IMEI from Settings/About phone/Status. It should be a 15-digit number.

      The device will automatically enter Preconfig screen and you will be asked to sellect a Sales Code. I sellected XSG and hit INSTALL. By doing this, your device will be reset to factory settings with Market enabled. Before you do this, backup all your data as all will be erased.

      • @Yousef – great tip!

      • @Yousef – great tip!

      • Therayr10

        it disnt work! what would be the reason?

  • yummie

    omg iloveyou been looking for this since i got this tab thanks ever so much

  • yummie

    omg iloveyou been looking for this since i got this tab thanks ever so much

  • Lifanlay

    Does the samsung galaxy tab get skype?

  • Anonymous

    I tried clicking on the link for the file, but found it simply tries to get me to log in to a dropbox account. This happened on my laptop and my Galaxy
    Any idea how I can avoid this? I would like to try the marketplace out but it did not come supplied with my Galaxy. Thanks

    • The link will be update if the apk found and will post here once it’s done

      Sent from my Android phone with K-9 Mail. Please excuse my brevity.

  • Hey, good article. Thanks for shearing this amazing information to us. I install the aap it’s looking good. Its great keep it up.

  • Tiktir

    dead link!!

  • Paziz82

    hi,, there is some problem with the download file … it doesn’t work

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