What will Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) bring new to Samsung Galaxy Tab?

The current version of Android (2.2 Froyo) that is running on Samsung Galaxy Tab is not fully optimised for tablets as Google stated a few weeks ago so we eagerly waited for the next version of the android os to appear on the market and here it is: Android 2.3 Gingerbread. Even though is the next Android OS, I don’t think that it deserves the title of “Android OS version for tablets” just yet. We also know that the Google team is working hard on the Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) which will be truly designed for tablets such as Galaxy Tab but we will have to wait quite a while…

Now that we all know that Google has officially announced Gingerbread, let’s take a look on what will Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) bring new to Samsung Galaxy Tab:

Extra Large Screen Support

According to an updated documentation for Supporting Multiple Screens, Android 2.3 will offer support for larger and bigger screens up to 10″.

Devices with extra large screens are tablet-sized or larger, so you should pay close attention to how usable your application is on such screens. You might want to design new layouts specifically for extra large screens, to address usability aspects such as the location and size of buttons in your UI. To test your application on an extra large screen, create an AVD targeted to Android 2.3 with a high resolution, such as 1280 x 800, and the default density of 160dpi. This AVD will use any resources you’ve provided with the xlarge resouce qualifier.

The supported resolutions have not been revealed but is likely that 1280×800 and 1024×600 will benefit from this new update. Now we can say that this Android version is more “tablet ready” and thanks to the close partnership between Google and Samsung, this will make the Galaxy Tab the first tablet to support Android 2.3 Gingerbread.

UI Improvement

Google didn’t redesign the whole UI but they have made a few changes and refinements for simplicity and speed giving the whole thing a cleaner look. Black is the new Gingerbread color and delivers a nice feel and contrast to the notification bar, menus and settings making it easier to control the features of the tablet.

New Keyboard

The new Keyboard that it’s delivered by Gingerbread has been redesigned and optimised for faster text input and editing. The keys have been reshaped and repositioned, making them easier to see and press, and the dictionary suggestion has been improved being displayed in a larger and more vivid style. The capability of correcting entered words from suggestions found in the dictionary has been added and the user can choose from the options displayed by the device and save the selection. Also a new multitouch key-chording is present which allows the user to quickly enter symbols by pressing Shift+<letter> and ?123+<symbol>, without having to manually switch between modes.

One touch word selection and copy/paste has also been introduced where the user can quickly select a word by press-hold and after adjust the selection as needed by dragging the bounding arrows to new positions.

Better Power Management & Apps Control

Android 2.3 will help managing better the applications that are CPU consuming or those which stay awake for too long in the background. This can be accomplished by closing them if appropriate in order to deliver better performance and maximum battery life. The user will also be able to monitor better the power consuming components and running apps, with information regarding the usage and the power consumed by each component and application.

A shortcut to Manage Application will appear in Options Menu in the Home Screen and Launcher in order to make it easier for the user to check and manage application activity.

Internet Calling

A new interesting feature supported by the stock OS will be Internet Calling! Users who have SIP accounts will be able to make voice calls over the internet by adding an internet calling number (a SIP address) to any Contact and call using Quick Contact or Dialer. Is important to note the fact that support for platform’s SIP and internet calling features on devices is determined by manufactures & carriers so hopefully we will get “all inclusive” on Samsung Galaxy Tab.


One more important point for those interested in using multiple cameras on the device, the new Android OS will support access to multiple cameras, including a front-facing camera, if available! That’s good news if you had problems accessing one or both cameras on your device.

So these are the main attraction points of the upcoming Android 2.3 Gingerbread. As we announced a few days ago, this version of Android will arrive on Samsung Galaxy Tab sometime in Q1 of 2011. In fact, we expect it to be available on Galaxy Tab even sooner thanks to developers who will try to port it as soon as the official roms/firmwares are out.


UPDATE : The firmware is already out and ready to download, being released in Italy a few days ago. Visit our Galaxy Tab Forum for more information and for a video tutorial on how to add it on your tabs. Enjoy.

  • Sam from www.androboys.com

    good article …

  • peace

    Looking forward!

  • William_parker

    Looks good to me as iv just bought a galaxy tab so it will be interesting to be told of tje update.

  • Vincentmdelfin

    Probably we could upgrade the galaxy tab from android 2.2 to 2.3?

    • as soon as it’s out for the Galaxy Tab, yes 🙂

  • Dave

    So this update will be available to current Tab owners or just the ones purchased after the fact?

  • Aroundtheground07

    A port of Gingerbread is already available on the official app market

    • How is the app called? I don’t believe this.

    • Zoner81

      lol, It’s a launcher, not the full gingerbread OS.

  • Aroundtheground07

    Already installed GingerBread on to my galaxy tab, and it runs great!! keep up the great work google~

    • how did you do it?

    • Christopherw07

      please give me a link and a how to guide to do this … i am new to android but i love my tab 🙂 tx.

    • Gapil 30

      hi… how?? been browsing the internet for the links… but failed to find… uhuu huuuu

    • LonelyPlanet64

      Hi..Would like to know how to install Android 2.3 can share with us please

    • Markjerick2

      where can i upgrade my tab.. please email me… markjerick2@yahoo.com

    • Dharvey4572

      Where did you get the update?

    • Avin_nair

      Hoe did u go about this? Whats the safe route?

  • Products such as Vonage, Magic Jack use an internet connection to communicate with a device (household phone via individual WIFI). Based on this article, one could assume connecting to the internet via “SIP” will allow internet calling to a tab. So by correlation, a tab could replace the two current phone replacements given an internet connection. Thoughts?

    • Arvinoids

      I was able to use a Vonage Softphone account to call through the GB dialer.

  • I understand that Honey Comb – the first truly Tablet-optimised version of Android won’t actually be available for the Tab Mk. 1. Can anyone confirm or deny this? I’d hate to think that just when Android is sorted, I’d have to buy a new tab.

    • Hey

      We can’t confirm or deny! We will have to wait until the OS is released to see what specs it requires :

      • Vinengineering

        we all know honeycomb will have a dual processor to cope with stuff, the only way for us current Tab owners to get honeycomb is if we buy another tab(something I’d expect from Apple)but to be honest I left Android because of this very thing…making OS after OS after OS, how many OS’s are out there, just abandoned on old devices…

        • Tab & N8 owner

          I spent over 800 euros for my Tab, so I expect it will be updated and uppgraded for years to come. My wife has Nokia N73 from 2006 and Nokia has been updating the device ever since and continuing, I demand the same for my Samsung Tab. If not, that’ll be the end of my relationship with Samsung

          • Tony

            Yes, and I bought a computer from HP in 2005 with Windows XP on it – I expect that HP give me and install Windows 7 and all other Windows releases.

            If not then I will never buy another computer from HP – and if they do I will never have to buy another compter from HP.

    • Nhills93

      no galaxy tab is not, samsung screwed us over

  • hallabo

    i do have an inquiry
    I bought Samsung galaxy tab last week
    and i was just wondering how can i u[grade it from android 2.2 to 2.3?
    please advice

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  • Ziadafia

    do you think that new version 2.3 will include an Arabic language as 2.2 doesn’t

  • I know it’s not out yet but will the Galaxy tab 7″ get Honeycomb?

    • Nhills93

      no, honeycomb needs a dual core to run

  • I am waiting for official confirmation from Samsung somewhere if the Galaxy Tab will be getting update to Gingerbread and Honeycomb. Once there’s such confirmation, I certainly will get one, otherwise I will buy iPad.

    • Nhills93

      we arnt getting honeycomb 🙁 its offical now. samsung isnt even playing nice about getting us gingerbread at the moment. i feel screwed over

  • I understand that Honey Comb – the first truly Tablet-optimised version of Android won’t actually be available for the Tab Mk. 1. Can anyone confirm or deny this? I’d hate to think that just when Android is sorted, I’d have to buy a new tab.

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  • Babuthebabu

    Hi… if samsung galaxy tab not supporting “honeycomb” then i will be the enemy of samsung brands, becos as i spend lot of money on samsung galaxy tab. thinking that it would be satisfied for my furture use, hence now i coming to know that samsung galaxy tab will not support “honeycomb os” and it req dual core. then y the hell the samsung people allow this. they can wait still samsung tab 10.1 honeycomb to release. or then wat is the status of all samsung galaxy tab owners still now purchased. I think that samsung is playing the trick to earn money, please dont do this, bcos that will be very bad intend on samsung brands.
    Sorry if i hearted samsung people, but think if it would happen to ur guys, Thanks…….(“_”)

    • Carl

      samsungcompany dont give a shit on buyers opinion!

    • nikijs

      😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 you are so funny.

  • Rishabhsinghvi

    i purchsed Samsung TAB 7″ 2 week ago with android 2.2 i want to upgrade to 2.3.
    plz give me how i can upgrade

  • I don’t understand why we have not seen a 2.2.1 leak yet!??? The galaxy S has already gotten a few leaks of it.

  • For the moment i have just the galaxy S. but i may considering to purchase the new tablet with the android 2.3. After seeing your comments here and the complete article, i could buy it these days.
    Great article and good luck. Cheers!

  • Ketan

    how to update galaxy tab to gingerbread 2.3?
    please mail me on ketuonly4u@gmail.com

    • Bommabaz

      Hi all. Finally the update is here. Android 2.3.3 Stock Rom p1000xxjq1 p1000xxjq1 p1000xxjpz .

      Follow the instructions bellow to flash the firmware JQ1, Gingerbread for Galaxy Tab :

      Note 1: The bootloaders ARE signed, but NOT secured. Custom kernels and firmwares can still be flashed !
      Note 2: Be sure to use Odin 1.7 attached to this post, older versions of Odin will NOT work !
      Note 3: CF-Root v3.3 for JQ1 / Gingerbread has arrived: Visit XDA-Dev to get this : http://forum.xda-dev…6&postcount=176 ; Download : http://www.thegalaxy…h&attach_id=159
      Note 4 This is only for the GSM version of the Galaxy Tab, NOT for CDMA or Wi-Fi only version
      Note 5 Some users state that only by flashing the firmware (samfirmware version) and pit file gt-p1000_mr_PIT as usual, it works very well. If you want to approach this way, here is a detailed VIDEO flashing tutorial for general firmwares. : DO NOT USE THE FILES IN THAT POST -> http://www.thegalaxy…ung-galaxy-tab/

      Credits goes to Chainfire from XDA-Dev for the files and a quick tutorial.
      Disclaimer: We are not responsible if anything happens to your Galaxy Tab. Use at your own risk.


      NEW 1 : VIDEO [How-To] Flash Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread on Samsung Galaxy Tab – All the instructions bellow apply to the video. Enjoy

      Before, make you sure Galaxy Tab Drivers are installed. Either use KIES, Windows Update (Not sure if it will work this way) or download them from here : http://downloadcente…_v1.3.350.0.exe

      Download these files and place them in a folder together on your desktop.

      1. Main Firmware (227MB) <————- http://www.multiupload.com/IZLCKQ3VJC
      2. Pit File (557b) <——————— http://www.thegalaxy…h&attach_id=156
      3. dbdata fie (1.92Kb) <—————– http://www.thegalaxy…h&attach_id=157
      4. Rooted Kernel (5.99MB) –OPTIONAL) <- http://www.thegalaxy…h&attach_id=159
      5. Flashing Program (196.71K) <——— http://www.thegalaxy…h&attach_id=158

      0. Preparing to Flashing the firmware
      1. Take the main firmware and unzip the file using winzip or another extraction program. When it unzips you will be left w/ a .tar file. This is the file you will need to flash.

      2. Unzip ODIN V1.7. You will have several files in the folder. you will use the file called Odin.exe

      3. Unzip the pit file. you will be left w/ a .pit file

      4. Unzip the dbdata file and you will be left w/ a file named dbdata.tar.

      Take all those files and put them in a folder inside the main folder so they are in one spot and easy to find.

      1. Flashing the Firmware
      1. Double click ODIN.exe to run the program.

      2. Make sure your tab to turned off. Hold the Power and Volume down button at the same time and it will have a android guy in a triangle w/ a shovel and hook it up to your computer. This is the download mode.

      3. in the PDA section of odin place the main firmware .tar file in that section.

      4. Place the .pit file in the pit section and make sure repartition is selected.

      5. Hit start and it will flash the firmware.

      2. Second Phase to flashing Firmware
      you tab will reboot after the firmware flashes. Shut it down.

      1. Place tab in DL mode again and hook it up to your computer. Power button and Volume Down at the same time.

      2. Place dbdata.tar into the PDA section in ODIN (DO NOT SELECT REPARTITION)

      3. Hit start and it will flash the .tar file.

      4. Shut down the tab.

      3. Phase Three of Flashing Firmware
      We will be placing your tab into recovery mode. In Recovery Mode you will use the volume up and down keys to navigate and home key to select.

      1. Hold Power and Volume up together.

      2. Release Power after holding it for about 4-5 second and continue to hold the Volume Up button until recovery menu shows up.

      3. Select wipe cache (When Done go to next step)

      4. Select wipe data/factory reset.

      5. Select reboot and you are done. You now have Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread.
      4. Flashing of OPTIONAL rooted kernel GSM TABS ONLY
      This is to be done after all the steps above have been done.

      1. unzip the CFroot file and you will have a .tar file.

      2. Start the ODIN program

      3. put the .tar file in the PDA section in ODIN (DO NOT SELECT REPARTITION)

      4. Place your tab into DL Mode and hook it up to your computer

      5. Hit start

      you will now have a rooted tab and ClockWorkMod recovery installed.


      Version 2 of flashing
      Quick & Original ChainFire instructions For Those Who Know flashing (do this if you didn't follow the above tutorial only!) :

      Download the version "With bootloaders": http://www.multiupload.com/IZLCKQ3VJC <— flash this one

      Procedure (ODIN !)- Download and extract the firmware zip
      – Download and extract the attached gt-p1000_mr_PIT.zip
      – Download and extract the attached dbdata.zip
      – Flash the firmware tar as PDA, repartition enabled, use the attached PIT
      – After flash immediately boot into download mode again
      – Flash dbdata.tar as PDA (NO repartition)
      – After flash immediately boot into recovery mode
      – Wipe cache
      – Wipe data / factory reset

      EDIT 1 : CF-Root v3.3 for JQ1 / Gingerbread has arrived (To get Root Access) You can flash this as well: Visit XDA-Dev to get this : http://forum.xda-dev…6&postcount=176 ; Download : http://www.thegalaxy…h&attach_id=159Attached File(s) gt-p1000_mr_PIT.zip (577bytes)Number of downloads: 4653 dbdata.zip (1.92K)Number of downloads: 4115 Odin3 v1.7.zip (196.71K)Number of downloads: 4117 CF-Root-TAB7_XX_OXA_JQ1-v3.3-CWM3RFS.zip (5.99MB)Number of downloads: 5484

  • UnHappy1

    Samsung, Times Up. It’s past 1Q 2011. Where’s the O.S. ?

    We are all SICK of waiting and being put off !

    Improper Support means No Repeat Business ! You Understand the words that are coming out of my Keyboard?

    Hello…….Port the O.S. out to us……

    To Aroundtheground07 : Yea, Right you have GingerBread… Bull Stuff ! If you REALLY had it you would tell US how and Where to get it and install it, but you Don’t …

  • Anthonygm29

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  • I just checked with Samsung.com live chat and they have no information of if or when Gingerbread OS will be available for Galaxy Tab. 

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