ClockworkMod Recovery for T-Mobile US Galaxy Tab now available!

ClockworkMod Recovery for T-Mobile US Galaxy Tab version is now available! If you have a Galaxy Tab from T-Mobile only, you will be able to flash custom Roms, create backups and restore them. More Galaxy Tab versions will be supported soon. It’s important to note that the current version is in Beta at the moment.

The recovery is packaged as an that you run from a modified STOCK recovery. The unpacks Clockwork Recovery onto the ramdisk and restarts recovery. When you reboot, it reverts back to the original stock recovery. So, you will need to keep the recovery on the root of your SD card as an, and apply the zip every time you want to start Clockwork. However, ROM Manager handles this all pretty seamlessly for you.

Bellow we have a video which shows the ClockworkMod Recovery working on the T-Mobile Galaxy Tab :

For more details, follow Koush’s tutorial from XDA Dev or visit our forum, .

Source : XDA Dev | Via : AndroidLife

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