US Cellular delivers Samsung Galaxy Tab for $199.99 on contract!

US Cellular announced a new pricing for the Samsung Galaxy Tab which might be surprising : $199.99 on contract – half of what is was before! So what’s the catch?

Well even if you get the android tablet this cheap, you will have to sign up for US Cellular’s $54.99/month plan. You will also get 5 GB of data with tethering capabilities but I really don’t know how many people will be interested in paying almost $60/month along with a regular phone bill. It is also important to note the fact that messaging is excluded from the offer so you will have to pay extra for that.

Let us know if the price is attractive and if you are going to buy the Samsung Galaxy Tab from US Cellular.

Source  : US Cellular

  • Larryg300

    What a ripoff… the product is outstanding but the carrier I don’t know. Its like peanut butter and ketchup…

  • I got mine. Love it! you get wifi tethering for free so its the same has having a USB modem, But you have the galaxy tab!! If you decide to early cancel its only 150 so, you could get a tab with no contract for 350!!!

  • Steve

    It does seem expensive but I was paying about 69.00 month for 5gb verizion mifi card. Im only paying little more and I get tablet and still have device that acts as hotspot.

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