Galaxy Tab price crash in UK – now £399.99!

Yes, it is true! A few days ago we announced that Galaxy Tab has reached a new low price which was £419.99. Today, we see the Samsung tablet reaching a new astonishing price : £399.99.

I think this is a proper Christmas Surprise for those who were interested in grabbing one of these devices and now it’s the time! Comet is the retailer who is selling the Galaxy Tab at this unbelievable price and free shipping is also included. (or get it sooner for £5.82). Did we say that is off-contract?

When is this low price going to crash again? Is the tablet going to worth £379 soon?

Let us know if you are going to buy one at this price or it’s still expensive.

Source : Comet , Via : TalkAndroid

  • Hlupacik

    afaik it is not avaiable before christmas, so it’s like amazon, they are taking orders for post-christmas sales…

    correct me if I’m wrong, wasn’t avaiable in my location for collecting

  • Anonymous

    Out of shock at all of my local comets (there are 3 within about 20 miles, 2 of which are quite large) and there were none for home delivery. Called them and they said that every comet was out of stock

  • Anonymous

    Carphone are also doing this

  • Jah

    £399 at CPW with additional 16GB of storage. Also go vis Quidco and save another £19 to £39. Finally don’t forget the £200 worth of free media downloads from Samsung.

  • flooo

    is £399 as standalone price (without contract)? – including wifi (where I can use it anywhere? – around the world as well)?

  • Anonymous

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