New limited Samsung Galaxy Tab deal : $300 off!

A new limited Samsung Galaxy Tab deal is now on : is offering the Galaxy Tab 3G Wireless Sprint version (SPH-P100) for $699.99 but the good thing is that you also get $300 Visa card so the tab finally costs $399.99!

What’s the catch? Well, in order to get the $300 Visa Card, you need first to purchase the Galaxy Tab through HSN’s exclusive offer, contact the Dedicated Care Team or go to to activate the tablet, sign up for a 2 year contract and you will also have to choose between two data plans : $29.99 with 2GB data or $59.99 with 5GB data included.

Once you completed all the above, your rebate will be processed by the Wireless Center and you will get the $300 Visa Card between 10-14 weeks. The customers will also get $50 for select Movie Rentals from the Samsung Media Hub.

This is a limited offer and they say it will last until 31/01/2011 but might close earlier. Visit the offer ad HERE for more details and HSN Website .

Is it a good deal? Let us know what you think!

Source : HSN Website, Via LogicBuy

  • There is no affiliate link in any article! You can check. I posted the source and via who I got the information. Fair enough if it’s one almost the same. It was “news” at that time and people might have been interested in knowing about it.

    • Zehumin

      Listen Boggie,

      If you’re trying to make some paper that’s cool, everyone needs to earn but at least post a deal not something that is worse than going direct to Sprint.

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