Samsung Galaxy Tab Car Dock Unboxing & Review

Samsung announced a few accessories when they launched their Galaxy Tab. I finally had the chance to pick up the Vehicle Mount (aka Car Dock) and take it for a spin. Check out my unboxing and initial impressions of this car dock.


When I bought the official HTC car dock for my Nexus One I thought to myself, “this is how a car dock should be!”. When I sold it, and started using the Galaxy Tab as my primary device, I new I had to find a car dock with the same precision and quality that the dock for my Nexus One had. I was quite surprised at the exceptional build quality of this car dock. The dock contours to meet the curvature of the Galaxy Tab and it just fits perfectly.

The 3.5 mm headphone jack as well as the mic, volume rockers and power buttons are all accessible when docked. The bottom of the dock has the proprietary 30 pin connector that, not only helps secure the device but, allow you to charge it too. Being able to charge the device with the included car charger is a true bonus; one less thing you have to pay for. Once docked, the Tab will automatically go into car mode (not working in the video) and gives you access to quick functions like making a call or doing a quick search.

This car dock retails for $69.99 but you can find it as cheap as $45.99 from and its worth every penny. I must say, Samsung really came through with this product and I am excited to try out the rest of the accessories for the Galaxy Tab. Okay enough reading, GO BUY IT NOW! You won’t regret it.

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  • Danh67

    You said you got this from mobile city dot come, I believe you meant

  • Infinitiqx56

    Pointless device I own a tab in america WE CANNOT MAKE NORMAL PHONE CALLS ON THE TAB so why would I dock it in my car……i love my tab but it is strictly an internet tablet until samsung fixes the big 3 lockdown

    • LostCelestial87

      For gps ? It even says it on the box ffs.

    • Ansley103

      I purchase an unlocked tab on Amazon withthe phone option. I am totally satisfied. All i did was put the at & t sim from my old blackberry into my tab,got the carrier to change my data plan from a blkberry to a smart phone data plan. My phone bill.remain the same. I think the reason the carriers done offer the phone is because it would have impacted sales of the new ipad being introduce onto the market.

  • Curtis

    trying to sell a product and not even put it in the car how ignorant.
    the tab is too big for a mountmon the windshield or on the dash

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  • Simscar

    With a BlueAnt bluetooth earphone you should easily be able to make normal phone calls with the tab and with this this car dock you’ll be able to do it in the car. The dock is essential for in car GPS use.

  • Mario

    hej aymkan

  • Mario

    Hej Ayman i saw in the end of you video that you dont mount the ta on the window but on the desk of the car. how do you do that. we bought one of the carholders for our client and he says that there is just the window-suck option.

  • Giuseppe M. Buffa

    can you easily put it in and out of the dock?

  • Giuseppe M. Buffa

    CAN  the Tab be easily mount and unmount from cradle?

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