Upcoming Samsung Galaxy Tab firmware to block hacking

Samsung is working on firmwares that are going to restrict users in hacking, flashing or getting root access to the Samsung Galaxy Tab. According to XDA-Dev, some users found out that the new JM6 A, C, D and E firmware builds include new bootloaders that restricts the owner in hacking the Galaxy Tab. It’s important to note the fact that the current stock Samsung firmwares or custom Roms don’t have included these new bootloaders.

Some of these ROMs include new bootloaders. These bootloaders check checksums/signatures in various parts of the firmwares. The “normal” Samsung ROMs, nor custom ROMs and kernels, have these checksums. The result is that once flashed, you cannot revert to older/official/custom Samsung ROMs, and you are pretty much stuck using one of these four ROMs, as they are the only ones containing the right checksums.

We are not sure if these upcoming releases are final and are intended for the Galaxy Tabs that are already on the market. There are users who switched to these new leaked firmwares and now are stuck with them. Hopefully a solution to this problem is on the way so our advice is  : stay away and don’t flash them!

If this is true and it’s officially released, Android 2.2 will become really difficult to hack and maybe more restrictive than the iPad! We all know that Google claimed that Android is an open OS but this allows manufactures to design it as they like and even implement restrictions! Hopefully nothing will be changed and Galaxy Tab will be a free device.

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Source : XDA-DEV, Via : Electronista

  • kd

    I’m glad I read this. I was considering a Galaxy Tab but no more until further details are available.

  • Ed D

    Why does the US always get dumped on? No phone on tab. Euros get it why can’t we have it? I do not want to pay for 2 data plans. If the Galaxy Tab had a phone you could use a bluetooth headset. 1 data plan. Everyone is happy. Would not have to hack the phone a a a I mean Tab.

    • Urban

      Didn’t know that you don’t get the phone. That sux! Live in Sweden myself, and I have good use for the phone, even though I have a Desire in my pocket as well.

  • if SAMSUNG develops a decent flawless rom I have no issues keeping it but Samsung’s own rom is is fucking buggy as hell, I cant wait to get rid of it

  • WaitforAMOLED

    Been waiting for AMOLED and Gingerbread, but I will not buy a tab if I can’t root the system. Hopefully someone will get around it.

  • POPgermany

    hi i am coming from germany moving to florida in april. bring my unlocked galaxy tab. does it work than as a phone too in the us? whta does it mean with the two plans? I do have in germany a simcard and 3G as well as wifi…

  • FaUst

    On XDA is unlocker writen by chainfire. Galaxy tab is free again 🙂

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