Samsung to show off Galaxy Tab 2 at CES 2011?

The following news might be interesting for those who are waiting for the upcoming wave of tablets or make you angry if you already own a Samsung Galaxy Tab.  According to Korea Times, the next generation of Samsung Galaxy Tab (maybe Galaxy Tab 2) may show off at CES 2011 next week.

If you already purchased a Galaxy Tab this might drive you mad taking into account the fact that Samsung released the android tablet only two months ago.  These are of course rumours and we already heard some others rumours like the Galaxy Tab 2 will be powered by Tegra 2 which is supposed to be a reference design for Android (2.4 or 3.0) Honeycomb and also might provide a 7-inch Super Amoled Display.

I believe it’s still too early to speculate on a Galaxy Tab 2 appearance but we will have to wait and see. After all, the current version of the Galaxy Tab is selling like hotcakes.

CES 2011 is expected to be an interesting event for android tablet lovers and Galaxy Tab fans!

Source : KoreaTimes , Via NetbookNews

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