Samsung Galaxy Tab RCA Video Cable Review

I’m back again with another review. This time I took a look at the official Samsung RCA cables for the Galaxy Tab. Make sure you watch my full review and for those who like to read, I know there’s still a couple of you out there, I have a short summary at the bottom.

Since before the existence of the Google TV I’ve always been the type of person who wanted the internet on their TV. I usually resorted to connecting my desktop or laptop to my TV but because it wasn’t as convenient as something like the Google TV it wasn’t something I did often. But now that I have gotten a hold of the RCA cables I am able to watch my favorite shows right on my TV via my Galaxy Tab.

I went ahead and skipped the unboxing since there wasn’t anything except the cables inside the packaging. This setup was as simple as 1, 2, 3 and maybe 4. I just plugged the proprietary 30 pin connector right into the Galaxy Tab and the yellow, red and white audio/video cables went right to the back of my TV and switched my TV to the correct channel and I was up and running. Everything that showed up on my Tab was mimicked on the TV. The real reason I bought this cable was to be able to stream my TV shows right from the internet. Sometimes I download a show and put it on my Tab then just watch it later on my TV when I have time. There are no additional settings you need to mess with. Its definitely as simple as it sounds. Here’s a little pros and cons list for you.


-Extemely easy to use; plug and play
-Inexpensive compared to the dock with HDMI
-Image quality is great when sitting about 8-10 feet away
-The Tab doesn’t need to be docked so its easy to just pick up to play, pause, fast forward and easy enough to just send a quick email then get back to the video.


-Cant charge and output video at the same time. It occupies the 30 pin connector.
-If your sitting sitting 2 feet away from the TV you can definitely see pixelation. But seriously, why the heck would you sit that close to the TV. Are you trying to go blind?
-Image doesn’t fill the entire screen on my 42″ LCD TV.
-You can’t turn the screen on they Tab off while you are watching. If you do, you will just get a black screen on your TV. Best thing to remedy this situation is to just use a backlight dimming app and keep it on the lowest setting.

Overall though, for $29.99 (or lower if you know how to shop around) there’s no way you can go wrong with this purchase. I have watched full length movies and a bunch of anime and it looks excellent from 10ft away. So if you want a Google TV-like experience without the need to shell out $299 for one then I HIGHLY recommend picking this up for your entertainment needs.

  • andri


  • Wizz

    Just waiting for mine to arrive………lets hope it works with the Acetrax Movies…..

  • Scott

    While I agree it is cheaper than the HDMI dock but for 2 bucks you can get a mini HDMI converter and then use a standard HDMI cable and you will not only get HD also a great charging dock… I have the HDMI dock and the picture is flawless on my 65 HD TV.

    • josh k

      I have an adapter as well, but it doesn’t seem to wanna work. What could be going on? Are there different mini to full adapters? Where did you get yours?

  • Hendricksfan01

    The dock works on my plasma, but not my 1080p LCD TV. What up with that? any help out there?

  • I have HDMI dock but the quality on my Sharp HDTV is really bad. It is just a matter of luck with the compatibility with TV.

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