Samsung Galaxy Tab might not receive Android Honeycomb update (UPDATED – RUMORS DENIED!)

Electronics company Enspert’s managing director Bobby Cha reported the fact that Android Honeycomb could be designed only for high-end tablets and the current Android Tablets might be taken out of the equation.

A dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 chipset like NVIDIA’s Tegra 2 is already known to be the reference point for Android Honeycomb and this might mean that the upcoming Android Tablet version might not work on the Samsung Galaxy Tab. The Korean executive also told PCMag that the new OS will require at least 720p screen resolution but both 10-inch and 7-inc tablets can co-exist.

Google didn’t want to comment but is known that brands like Motorola, LG, HTC and Samsung are going to use Tegra 2 processors powered by Android 2.4 and are going to use 720p  or higher density displays.

If the rumors are true and we take into account the fact that Samsung already sold over 1.5 mil tablets, all this slates will remain only with Android 2.3 Gingerbread on board and no chance of upgrading any further. But I believe if this would be the case, developers will find a way to port and make the latests version of Android available on the current tablets as well.

We will have to wait and see what will CES 2011 bring us and finger crossed for all those who purchased a Samsung Galaxy Tab until now.

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The above rumors that Honeycomb was going to require a  dual-core processor have been denied! Lots of tablet owners wrote all over the internet (and in our comments) that they are worried that the next Android OS won’t be available on Galaxy Tab. A few hours ago, Dan Morrill from Android Team denied the rumors through a tweet saying : “there’s no hard minimum for Honeycomb”.

So good news guys, don’t worry, enjoy your tee , coffee, sleep and wait for Honeycomb to be released so we can enjoy it!

Thanks Dbma

  • If this is true, then it just another kick in the face for the early adopter. I bought my Tab last december, not necessarily because it was sporting a fully tab ready Android, but because of what the future held.

    If the galaxy tab will be obsolete come Honeycomb, then my next tablet certainly won’t be android.

    • Anonymous

      I should hardly say it’ll be obsolete with Gingerbread. Not cutting edge, but by no means obsolete.

      Us tech-nerds can be so dramatic sometimes.

      • LOL. I was draped over my chaise longue with my hand delicately on my forehead when I wrote that.

    • Vinengineering

      right on brotha! I’m tired of all these companies “trickling” tech, they rush stuff to market, sell like crazy, then say oops, we have something better…but…you have to buy this device to get it

      • Rob S Pd

        that’s the way it goes

  • Daforce

    Yeah, I bought my Galaxy Tab at the end of November and had until the end of Dec. to return it for a full refund. Of course this news comes out in Jan. making it yet another Samsung product that won’t be getting an Android OS upgrade that I own (the first one being a Samsung Moment).

    Guess that’s my last Android OS-powered purchase I make. Especially from Samsung.

  • Bob Balan

    So it goes with early adopters. The fact that your unit will not be upgradeable to a new version of the OS is very common in the tech industry.

    Lets see if Samsung will do something to accomodate the initial buyers of the unit.

  • djehuti

    I don’t see how any of you can get upset and say that you’ll never buy another android product when everyone was clearly warned from Google that Android was not ready for tablets and to wait. Whoever jumped the gun and purchased the galaxy tab against the advice of Google did it at their own risk…i”d be more upset with samsung than Google.

    • Hpeck83287

      Then Google should have not agreed to allow Samsung to use android until it was ready. Its a scam. IPad here i come to buy another one.

      • rathsdaemon

        Android developers do not need Google “permission”. By nature Android is a platform open for developers. They can use it without even telling Google About it

  • Hpeck83287

    If Honeycomb is not available for current Samsung Tablet then I am selling it and going with the iPad. This is ridiculous. People bought this because we were told that Honeycomb was coming and optimized for this tablet. I will also sell Evo and go to AT&t with iPhone and will never look at android again.

    • These are just rumors. I really doubt Honeycomb won’t be available on the Galaxy Tab.

  • I R

    But I really can’t understand, they promised it will get all the upgrades. Anybody for a huge lawsuit?

    • JeremyHK

      lets wait and see.. but ill def be in on it if my galaxy has a no 3.0…
      I am already pissed on learning on the new verizon ‘4G’ with a 1.2Ghz cortex…
      WTF??? I believe samsung owes us all a new processor, or prepare themselves for a very nasty lawsuit.

  • Dbma

    Dont worry amigo’s, the tab is ready for the honeycomb, on the twitter of a french developper from Google android, he said thats is only bullshit, honeycomb is for every tab AND Phone. the tab is like the google nexus S dont forget !

    • Paulb

      Great news! Didn’t believe it in the first place because this would mean that every phone on the market would be excluded from a update to Android 3.0 No manufacturer would be happy with that. Only Microsoft can do something like that 🙂

    • rathsdaemon

      that makes sense. There may be some Honeycomb features that may not be fully supported by the Tab, but I dont think Samsung will just skip it

    • Ripcode

      I really hope Honeycomb is available for the Gtab, after all, that’s why I bought this in the first place. Gtab is probably the most portable, awesome and sexy device you can buy, but without new firmwares, it’s kinda like a hot girl wearing the wrong set of clothes…..

  • Dbma
  • Sros97

    If true it will be the last Samsung product that I buy. Total BS

    • Me too .. fuked up .. i have other TV lcd samsung got black screen after 1Yr .. bring to center service they denied ? no more warranty … , Other my big Samsung Frige can not make Ice Cube ( only make Crushed ice ) after three time serrvices the issue not solved .. the last time I ask them return then they said as long as they still have change part in stock they will not let me return .. only come and fix .. haaaa the Professor who work with it tell me.. this will be forever issue .. Samsung prefer pay 300$ each time fixing better get my frige back, it worth 3000$,, they just wait for im tired of call them and over warranty then .. PING they kick me out ..

      Only one thing they do good … that is advertising .. total busit ..

      I’m waiting for one month more finish my work testing building android app .. then will give the Tab away ..

  • Ahakims Ah

    i hope we see the honeycomb for Samsung tab.I feel there is some lag in the 2.2 and my tab reboots apps and even the main phone.

    I hope honeycomb will come for the rescue.

  • myst>.<

    some says that galaxy tab is up 2.3 gingerbread only and it is confirmed… is it true? or it can be up to 3.0 honeycomb? whats the real score? should i sell my new samsung galaxy tab?

  • wait does this have to have a cell phone plan or can i just buy it and use for a computer like a ipad?? i need to know

  • JeremyHK

    I couldn’t agree more with you Dan,
    I just invested in a Galaxy 3G with a 24 month contract.
    I doubt very much that samsung and android would be dumb enough to lock out honeycomb support for it.
    Think about it, 1.5 million users to date.. that could equal some very scary legal action for Samsung and I don’t think they would want that anytime soon considering the position they are in and the need to win people over apples ipad.

  • from the android 3.0 SDK documentation “Android 3.0 is the first version of the platform designed to run on either single or multicore processor architectures”, so Galaxy Tab will have the latest version of Android 🙂

  • Roland

    TThat’s pretty good news. Can’t wait for honeycomb but would settle first for gingerbread.

  • Roland

    TThat’s pretty good news. Can’t wait for honeycomb but would settle first for gingerbread.

  • I think people are just getting hyped up on an loosely written articles. The nook color has less specifications than the galaxy tab and it seems to be able to run honeycomb preview with minimal lag. And if you think of the bugs and lag normally found in preview editions it will probably run the final release even better. Honeycomb was developed for both single and multicore devices as well as a range of screen sizes… so why get all flustered just wait and see what comes out of the woodwork!

  • Aa

    I can accept if Tab come with honeycomb will be slower than new one.
    I can’t accept if honeycomb won’t come with Tab

  • Rustyfactor

    The Russian Android market developers said “they honeycomb will be available for Galaxy tab” let hope, otherwise I am dumping Samsung and going with BlackBerry Playbook

  • Zippy_Zion

    To all of you who are just going to get rid of them if there isn’t an update, I’ll take em if you’re just gonna throw em out.

    There is nothing wrong with this tablet as is. It’s a fantastic slate of hardware.

  • Redjon

    With all due respect the writer of the article. Even though there are no minimum requirements. I am yet to see unequivocal commitment from samsung to port honeycomb to galaxy tab.

    I am personally not concerned that my hardware is not the best, because even if it is,it won’t be for long.

    My concern is about after sales support by way of software updates. All the samsung devices that I owned whether it be windows mobile or android hasn’t received the latest OS updates even though the hardware warranted it.

    I particularly don’t like the corporate bully tactics of Apple, so didn’t buy there products on principle. Now I am thinking the ipad is a more viable option. Lets see what happens in the future, near future.

  • Anonymous

    Yay I cant wait for Honeycomb

  • kayleighkustard

    It might be true that there is no minimum hardware requirements for Honeycomb, however, if we had a fully optimized tablet os would it not take away the feature of making phone calls? I’m not bothered by this but would that be the case?!

  • kayleighkustard

    Also, one of my colleagues spoke to a samsung rep the other day and he claims that we are getting honeycomb? *meh* wish they’d hurry up, ipad is looking tasty compared to this piece of clunk right now. Hating the Froyo software 🙁 please hurry up and release honeycomb so I can love my tab again!

  • Guest

    i believe Myspace can still get back into their feet , all it needs is somebody smart with a whole bunch of new ideas, like you said its turning into a music and entertainment hub.

  • android-insider

    honeycomb is useless for the tab, as there is no phone-calling feature and it does not use the 4 hardware buttons.
    the next big upgrade after gingerbread will be ice-cream-sandwich, which is an all-in-one OS for both tablets and phones, it will be similar to honeycomb, but for that upgrade we will have to wait till nov-dec 2011
    in the meantime, get gingerbread, and dont hope for honeycomb as its not designed for phones, which is the category the galaxy tab falls into, not tablet.

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