Google introduces Android 3.0 Honeycomb video, “Built Entirely for Tablet”

Google has just released a video in which Android 3.0 Honeycomb is presented. There have been rumors that this Android version will be designed for tablets and now we have the confirmation : “Built Entirely for Tablet”.

The video presents some of the features that Android 3.0 will bring on tablets this year such as browsing (which looks almost the same like Android 2.2), Gmail app plus a very nice and interesting UI that you will love it.

This video has been uploaded on Youtube and made private but Engadget managed to grab it before! Are we going to see this OS on Galaxy Tab and Galaxy Tab 2? I  hope so! Enjoy.

Via Engadget

  • Bryanc1

    Does this mean the Galaxy Tab (currently out there) will be getting this or do we have to have dual core or no?

    • Yes, the Galaxy Tab will get this and Honeycomb will not be restricted 😉

      • Aljoriba


      • Avi

        When is this expected to be available for us to upgrade from Froyo?

  • Hashem_Sweet

    you mean will be update for this os .. ?
    or we have to buy it or .. they will not release it for galaxy tab … ?

  • When will we get it, anyone know yet? Why are they so secretive about updates, for goodness sake just give them to us.

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