Spring Galaxy Tab gets overclocked to 1.2GHz

We have some good news for those who own a Samsung Galaxy Tab and are looking to extend the use of the tablet.

Bauxite, from XDA, managed to created a kernel that overclocks the Sprint Galaxy Tab (SPH-P100) to 1.2GHz making it grow in performance. Now that’s great news!

The kernel is currently in a “Extremely Alpha” version so we can’t expect it to work smooth, but it’s actually working as confirmed by the developer and some users. The overclocked tablet scored a Quadrant of 1129 and a Linpack Score of 17.112 which is pretty amazing taking into account the current state of the slate.

If you are going to try this Kernel, be very careful and do only it only if you know what are you doing or you might brick your Galaxy Tab! This is just for Sprint version of the Samsung tablet ONLY! Future versions to be released later so fingers crossed. For instructions in overclocking the Sprint Galaxy Tab, head to this thread and follow the instructions. You can also comment all this on your Galaxy Tab Forum.


  • That’s a great enhancement in Spring Galaxy Tablet. I’m using this “Kernel” on Spring Tablet. You have missed one “Lightning flash” steps. Anyways, it’s working fine.

  • I’m using a samsung tab, i am totally satisfied with it.The new enhancement added will definately grow its performance.well…anyways it wont make any difference for me coz i am satisfied with what it was as before.

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