Video Calling On The Galaxy Tab: Which Apps Work?

One of the main reasons I decided to abandon my Nexus One and get the Samsung Galaxy Tab was because it offered a 1.3 MP front facing camera so I could video chat. So you can imagine my dismay when I found out that there were no apps that played nice with the Tab; they either didn’t use the front facing camera or just completely sucked. Well, it has been a few months since I got the Tab and as expected, some apps have emerged and I’m here to outline a couple of them. There are apps out there such as Tango, Fring & the official T-Mobile Video Chatting app (powered by Qik) that work well with the Tab but they only offer Android-Android video calling which was pointless for me. I know it may be shocking, but not everyone owns an Android phone (let alone one that has a front facing camera)! I was more interested in calling between a Mac/PC & the Tab. Here are my results:


If you didn’t have time to watch the entire video, here’s the gist of it. OoVoo offers a great video chatting experience but unfortunately the image captured from the Tab always appears on its side. This makes it difficult for the person on the other side to get a clear look at your mug and they basically have to tilt their head sideways for them to view you properly. This could cause for some neck pains after prolonged use! But hey, if they don’t care then I don’t either! And if that wasn’t bad enough, the person on the desktop/laptop needs to be using a Windows machine. Ya, I know. Bummer!

Lastly we have ClearSea. This app is the only one that works “perfectly”. It uses the front facing camera properly and it displays the images correctly. Of course, there’s always a catch. ClearSea is only a 10 day trial and requesting a demo account every time may seems cumbersome but its a great alternative. One thing to mention is that the desktop client software is compatible on Mac & PC wish is a pure win!

In the end, I still use Oovoo because when I’m not on my Tab (which is rare) and am using my computer, I like to use the video calling software they provide; it feels more polished. I got an email from oovoo today regarding this issue so lets hope we get a patch out there quick!

Apps mentioned but didn’t bother showing in the video (They don’t use the front facing camera):
-Video Chat
-Yahoo Messenger

  • peddersuk

    Not sure what version you’re using, but my Galaxy Tab works has the front facing camera working with Fring without any issue – tested it with my partner using an iPhone 4 and Fring too.

  • I’ve been using Fring for all my video calls, and its working pretty nicely 🙂

  • fring works great.

    but only mobile to mobile

    not to a pc

  • Jon G

    Did ANY of you get the message from the article? The writer wants to video call not only tab to tab or tab to phone, but to PC’s and Macs as well. Fring only works M2M and Face time is only MAC. He gave a great summary but no one noticed what he was trying to say. To post that Fring works great M2M is not what this article was about. Get a clue when you read an article and maybe pay attention…

  • Leif

    I have to say Quik works great for me,,,

  • Rkburrell591

    Came to exactly the same conclusion as Ayman………:-( Before I read this post….

    OOVOO does show the best promise apart from the sideways cam. Hope they fix it soon.
    Clearsea is excellant but not for the pennyless.

    As for the rest……….no comment.

  • Richardmccrossan

    It works very well with circuit switched video calls over the 3g network. You have to be on a 3g network of course. Which you should be in most of Europe, Middle East and parts of Asia. Worth remembering that most phones today support 3g video calling. Some exceptions of course but very powerful stuff.
    I am though looking forward to more data based video calling capabilities.

  • Rob R

    This ClearSea is great!! installed on home pc and on my wife’s iphone – works like a charm

    thanks for the hint!!

  • Any word about video calling in Skype? They could put all this nonsense to an end if they just made it work on android.

    • Skype is becoming a microsoft product now…


    thanks for the info i have become mad trying to get the chat going let me see if clearsea works ty for the info………TONY SYDNEY


    thanks for the info i have become mad trying to get the chat going let me see if clearsea works ty for the info………TONY SYDNEY

  • Seb C

    I tried oovoo and the sideway issue seems to have been fixed. However, I find that the sound and video quality not so great, and this is not because of my data bandwidth because I then switched to my PC from the same place talking to the same person overseas with google video talk and it worked very well. Wonder this is due to oovoo’s server or something?

  • Seb C

    Also I read that Android 2.3 should have fixed the Yahoo Messenger front camera issue? Any idea if it is possible to upgrade the Tab to 2.3 and how?

  • skype try it its amazing

  • try skype its amazing

    • Tim Lim

      What are you talking about? Skype does not support video call on Galaxy Tab.

  • Fasjk

    Great review – thanks Oovoo works perfect. The picture is rotate correctly. Superb.

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  • Guest

    Why is Oovoo telling me my Galaxy tab is not supported?

    • Trigio

      on the gt-p1000 tab oovoo works perfect
       but it will not install on the gt-p1010

      Also, Fring works perfect on the gt-p1000 but
      on a gt-p1010 the front camera does not work…

      I don´t know why… but it´s a pitty

  • Solanabeachlady

    I agree, why didn’t they mention Skype? Now that Microsoft bought Skype maybe things will change, but I fear not for the better with Android. I haven’t been able to figure out how to video call using Skype – has anyone? If so I’d appreciate info on how to do it. Thanks!

    • Bob

      because you can’t use skype to video call on most android devices…. on none when this article was written.

  • Josemartinsuzara

    pls help need to know if i can use video calling from galaxy tab wifionly to any p.c. wats the best application that works

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