Samsung sold over 2 million Galaxy Tabs since launch

It was not long time ago when Samsung announced that Galaxy Tab passed 1 million units sold and now reports suggest that Samsung sold more than 2 million units worldwide – three months after lunch and two months after the previous million.

According to Yonhap News,  around 500,000 Galaxy Tabs have been sold in Europe, 350,000 in North America and 330,000 in Asia, the android tablet being available in 94 countries via approximately 200 mobile carriers.

Galaxy Tab has been very successful and we expect that the next generation – Galaxy Tab 2 – will be even more popular but we will have to see what MWC 2011 is going to bring us.

Via Unwiredview

  • Reverend Bacon

    You mean 2 million sold to retailers right? You know they didn’t sell that many that fast…geez…one would have thought this was an iPad….lol

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