Galaxy Tab sales were “quite smooth”, not “quite small”! ; 13%-16% return rate since launch

On Monday, a Samsung exec said that sales of the Samsung Galaxy Tab were “quite small” and revealed that the tab was not that popular among the consumers. Lee Young-hee  admitted during the company’s fourth quarter earnings call that the sales announced until now were “sell-in” which means the number of devices shipped to carriers and retailers. “Sell-out” devices represents the number of tablets actually sold which were reported “quite small”, by journalists at least.

Today, the Korean company came in front to say that the quote “quite small” sales was misinterpreted and that instead, Lee Young-hee actually said “quite smooth” sales. Samsung event posted a capture from the interview on Youtube and you can access it bellow in order to listen to it.

Also today, ITG Investment Research claimed that the return of the Galaxy Tab got as high as 16%.  This report represents the tracking of around 6,000 retail stores from the launch in November until 15th January which represent a grow of 13% in Galaxy Tab returns. The number went up to 16% when the holiday stats were taken into account.

Are you happy with the Galaxy Tab? Are you going to return it? Let us know in the comments bellow.

Via : WSJ , Engadget , Samsung Tomorrow

  • Extremely HAPPY with it!! Been using it every day since more than 2 months, no complaints at all!!

  • Freddy

    Other than the occasional “lag” on the touch screen using the return tab, I absolutely love it and cant wait to get the newer version when it comes out!!!!!!!!!!

  • Julio

    Excelent product. I have for 2 months…I’m very happy…

  • No complaints about mine. Works perfectly.

  • Anonymous

    Mine’s not going back.

  • Leo

    I’m waiting for honeycomb…

  • Simo W

    I just love it. Nothing to complain. Just hope Samsung keeps it updated.

  • Runner93109

    My wife gave me the Galaxy Tab for Christmas ($700) and I liked it but want more ie: Skype, better networking (USB) ect…I was haunted by constant comments and articles about Galaxy Tab 2 (new software and features) coming out late 2011. It cost to much to buy a newer version in 8 to 10 months so I returned it to Costco and am awaiting a newer and more flexible product. Costco now sells it for 399.00.


    I like it so much, since i got it i never opened my laptop at home···looking for the honeycomb

  • maystorm

    Got mine two months ago and use it on a daily basis ever since. Don’t regret a single Cent I paid for it.

  • maystorm

    Got mine two months ago and use it on a daily basis ever since. Don’t regret a single Cent I paid for it.

  • Uncleshrestha

    It is not just mobile but it is the PC, Home Theater and really a good Smartphone. But I am waiting for the
    Honeycomb (Android 3.0). Will it be possible to update the Galaxy Tab or I have to buy the Galaxy Tab 2? I m worried for it.

  • dexie

    I’ve had one since mid December, hasn’t missed a beat. My home system is now just used for gaming…

  • Robmorg

    I love the Galaxy Tab. No problems with aps formatting to the larger screen. I’ve rooted mine, which gives me some additional flexibility. It’s definitely NOT going back.

    This is my first Android device. My only complaint is that I wish someone would write a decent POP3 email client for Android. I’ve tried several and has been buggy, including the OEM email client, which cannot properly recognize htp links. Never had problems with email on Windows Moble.

    • Dharvey4572

      I love the tab. I’m a construction manager and with having documents and talk-type in my hand is saving me at least a hour a day by not being on a laptop in the office.

  • This is the best thing I’ve ever bought. I’ve almost stopped using my desktop pc – which is bizarre for a hardcore gamer! I’ve watched heaps of youtube and flash videos in bed with it (great speakers), and every day I discover some cool new app that really opens up what the tab can do – whether it’s a new game or tool. It’s awesome being able to check my calender almost instantly – no need to boot up a laptop or find a pc. Plus loving all the facebook integation, twitter looks awesome on it etc.

    Although this won’t be for everyone. Some will prefer a larger size, whereas this is perfect for me – it’s the same size as a paperback, which makes for awesome reading, plus it’s so light! I don’t really make phone calls – but having the ability through Telstra is very handy just in case. I’ve used messaging quite a bit and it’s great having the screen size to actually read conversations – esp. for IM. Swype making typing incredibly fast, though you’ll need to know your keyboard layout really well.
    It’s been very fast and responsive, even though I’ve piled on hundred of apps I haven’t noticed any lag. I would cry if I had to return this thing!

  • Drewster2007

    I am a massive fan of tha Galaxy Tab. I used a work iPad and found Apple’s functionality pretty but nowhere near as smart nd connected as Android. Size and form a big plus for Tab and if you use Google tools – Gmail, Greader, Calendar – then its fantastic. What is all this ‘return stats’ nonsense? I saw rumours Samsung may sue some dodgy bloggers? There have never been any tech or reliability issues? Unlike iPhone.

  • I love my Galaxy Tab. I got it from Sprint almost a month ago. Since then, I bearly use the laptops or desktops. I even use it ot keep my children quite at times. I downloaded children’s learning tools and games from the market. No more loud kids in the waiting room at the doctors. I wish I could watch episodes or Hulu on it. Other than that… No complaints. I absolutly will not be returning anytime soon!

  • i would like to point out Samsung responded to the ‘16% return rate’. it’s not 16% it’s below 2%

  • Jeannie

    I just received my tablet. I didnt want a smart phone. Im in with the group of people who want to keep their “granny” phones and add technology to that. It is smaller than the iPad and at first I wasnt sure I would like the size of this, but after using it and transporting it, this is a better fit for my busy lifestyle.

  • I’m happy with the tab but the quantity of quality apps is not has good as the iOS apps. I won’t be disappointed when the Tab 2 comes out but if we (original Tab owners) don’t get Honeycomb i’ll be bummed.

  • M.Yos

    Samsung Tab is the best that I used. I give iPad a pass. Not because its not good, simply for portability.

  • Anonymous

    I’m very happy with my no contract $399 Galaxy tab. It does everything I need it to do. Not sure what xoom and GT10.1 will bring to the table, or honeycomb for that matter. But at the early estimated prices (anywhere from $800-$1200 being reported) I’m all good, thank you very much!

  • Josh

    I had an iPad and an iPhone but I just cant get on with Apple’s products. I don’t like the operating system. When I heard the Galaxy Tab was coming out (I already own a Galaxy S mobile) I had to get it. Impressed! I bought it from where I bought the Tab, a case and some speakers. Does anyone know if the keyboards are worth the money? I like the idea of the bluetooth one as obv no leads. Thanks, Josh

  • Love my Tab. I skipped over the iPad because I don’t like its size. Hence, I won’t be getting the larger Tab and am not interested in ANY tablet in 10″. Alas, I fear the jittery folks in charge at Sammy feel they have to follow Apple to be successful and the 7″ won’t be given the time to work its way into more peoples’ hands.

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