Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1″ vs Motorola Xoom vs LG G-Slate – which one is better?

A few days ago, Samsung finally announced one of the the things we expected for quite a long time : Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1″, the Galaxy Tab 7-inch successor, which was previously thought as Galaxy Tab 2 (maybe there will be a Galaxy Tab in the future after all).

Two 10.1″ Android Tablets have been announced and one 8.9″ in 2011 that deserve to be included in this “fight” but the question is : which one is better? First of all, all three tablets are powered by the upcoming Android 3.0 Honeycomb OS; Galaxy Tab 10.1″ and Xoom have the same screen size and resolution (1280×800) while LG Optimus Pad / G-Slate offers 8.9-inch screen running at 1280 x 768.

Secondly, all three tablets are designed around the 1GHz NVIDIA’s Tegra processor which makes the tablets identical in performance so not so different. Then, in order to choose the better tablet, those interested will have to take into account the extra features each tablets has, the design, ergonomics, aesthetics of the slates and also the brand you like the most.

We provided you with a few pictures bellow so in the end it’s your choice : which tablet looks better and suits you?

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1″

Motorola Xoom

LG Optimus Pad / G-Slate

  • hmm…well the Samsung Tablet 10.1 has that awful looking backing to it. Not a fan of that nonsense….and the Motorola doesn’t have Flash Support yet.

    Hard to choose.

  • Medoo

    samsung is the best of all … its famous of the performance and the internal specs … even apple have samsung processor in it 😀

  • diegito

    Another DOA from Samsung.
    NO SD or SDHC support..present on the Xoom
    NO HDMI out…present on the Xoom
    NO DLNA… present on the Xoom
    Flash is a firmware upgrade from ADOBE and wil be available

  • They all have the exact same appearance, general specs, and abilities. They all are fantastic tablets having said that I’m going with the G-Slate/Optimus Pad because of its higher pixel density and ideal 8.9″ screen. Not much difference in screen size plus if I drop it on my face in bed, it won’t hurt so badly

  • bruflot

    The Optimus Pad/G-Slate records in 3D and have a 3D screen (you need glasses to use the 3d function)

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