Galaxy Tab 8.9 to launch on March 22 at CTIA Wireless 2011

A new tablet is ready to be announced at CTIA Wireless 2011 by Samsung on March 22 in Florida, US. Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 will be the third tablet released by the Korean company, after Galaxy Tab 7-inch which was launched a few months back and Galaxy Tab 10.1-inch which was announced a few weeks ago at MWC 2011.

In order to celebrate the new tab, Samsung already set up a special page for the Samsung Mobile Unpacked 2011 Special Episode event on March 22. The special teaser on the Samsung Unpacked website shows a tablet with the numbers 78910 embedded where each number means something. 7 stands for Galaxy Tab 7-inch, 10 stands for Galaxy Tab 10.1 while 89 obviously stands for Galaxy Tab 8.9. The tablet featured comes with a background that we noticed on 10.1 inch Galaxy Tab which implies the fact that the new Galaxy Tab 8.9 will be powered by Android 3.0 Honeycomb.

We are excited about this release and we are curious what will the new tab bring new in order to be able to compete with the already announced tablets. What would you like to see on the Galaxy Tab 8.9?

Source : Samsung Unpacked , Via Techtree

  • Craig Yelin


  • Antinas

    This is likely to be the Tab that I will buy even though the details have not been announced.
    All it has to do is match the current 10.1 spec regarding it’s basics and it’s mine. However the perfect one for me still not there yet. If it would have the following

    8.8mm thickness
    8.9 screen
    8mp 3D capture
    3D review
    Duel core
    Flash support
    2mp front camera
    Weight of 500
    Slightly reduced bezel to reduce overall unit size
    Android 3.0 honeycomb
    12 hour battery
    3G wifi
    Mini HDMI
    USB connection

    Am I asking for too much, I could go on to

    Holographic imaging


    • Antinas

      Wow, can you believe it, can I see the future or what, I should be working for samsung, I know what people really want and will pay for and what the future should be.

      So only two days to go, for my dream machine to be launched, well probably not perfect as I am sure I can forget about 3D but I think they will improve on my 8.8, hope they keep the 8 Meg, would be cool if they came up with their own version of a case or protective screen, wow giving away my ideas.

      Please please be smat and release ASAP need to grow market now for world domination later.

  • Antinas

    Well, I Want one now!!!!!
    Disappointed with 3 Meg, five would have put playbook in it’s place, why give the competition anything to play with, excuse the pun.
    I would say samsung have produce the best possible specs in the current market and it will take time to take market share the realease of these two tablets puts them well on the way.

    Can’t wait to buy mine now which also means I will dump my iPhone 3 for a galaxy S 2 and Tab 8.9 along with a 3D large steen wireless TV. HEAVEN.

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