Samsung Galaxy Tab Bluetooth Keyboard Case Review

Typing on the Galaxy Tab has been a pleasure especially when using Thumb Keyboard, but there are moments when a physical keyboard is needed. When I am sitting in lecture and I want to take notes with my Tab using the onscreen keyboard, the Professor may think that I am texting in class. This not only leads to unnecessary embarrassments, if he or she calls me out in front of the other students, but also makes note-taking inefficient; I type slower with the onscreen keyboard than with a regular keyboard. I resorted to carrying around my full sized Apple bluetooth keyboard and trackpad with me so I could take notes and navigate the Tab more efficiently but alas, it led to people constantly staring at me because of my awkward setup and as you would imagine, portability was an issue as well. What’s a guy to do? Luckily I found a solution, a bluetooth keyboard within a case! Check out my video review after the break:

Overall Impressions:

The bluetooth keyboard/case has been a tremendous productivity tool. I’ve managed to type this review in its entirety with the keyboard and it has been a great experience. As I mentioned in the video review, there is a slight learning curve to it but after that, you will be typing as fast as you do on a normal keyboard. The battery life is exceptional! I have been using this keyboard on and off for about 4 days now have yet to plug it in to charge it. This keyboard, coupled with a few other apps, makes typing long emails and controlling the entire tab easy and intuitive. It’s now a pleasure to sit on Google Talk and chat with my friends and have long conversations with them using this keyboard; it feels natural. So if you are in the market for a portable keyboard for your Galaxy Tab and want to save yourself the embarrassment of carrying around a full-sized keyboard in your backpack, then go ahead and pick up one for yourself. I think with the perfect sized bluetooth mouse, you basically get a mini netbook. Prices due vary ($40-$90) so shop around. I recommend using ebay or google shopping to get the best deals. Just search for Galaxy Tab Bluetooth Keyboard Case! If your in a rush to get one, here’s one from

Recommended apps to use with this keyboard (Available on the Android Market):

-BlueKeyboard Pro: allows you to hide the standard keyboard when you are typing with the keyboard connected.
-Widget Locker: great for getting the homescreen in portrait mode and for waking/unlocking the Tab by using the back button on the keyboard
-Task Switcher: AMAZING tool used to program quick keys to launch your favorite apps as well switching between them. Much better than holding down the home button.

If you have recommendations for a good bluetooth mouse, leave a comment or email me at!

  • Medoo

    great but isn’t too late for this case after the new tab 10.1 is coming to the market soon … and more even the new comin tab 8.9 inch ????!!!!

    • Runner93109

      There are still over a million people with the tab, so there not forgeting about them.

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  • Peter Knoll

    I guess no luck for German users as the keyboard has US layout and no German Umlauts?

  • Annoymous

    maybe you would like to take a look at this over here and its cheaper which I believe it is the same thing.

  • Gcimmarrusti

    I took your advice and ordered one from eBay for about $40 and it should arrive in a few weeks. Thanks for the advise.


  • This is nice to know seeing as how I ordered one a month ago nad just received it today. I have the Sprint version Tab. Now the keyboard just a bookend.

  • kayleigh

    Which task switcher app are you using?

  • Mobilers3d Jpn

    I also use this bluetooth keyboard case.
    this is a very productive device!!

    so I want to show you about this case more.

    click here!!

  • The keyboard and unit pair normally but the keyboard does not work. This adds insult to injury that we can’t use the Tab as a cell phone in the U.S. I had gotten one of these nifty keyboard.

  • Well, I got one for $29.95 here:

    But I just saw in your review that it doesn’t work with the Verizon version of the Tab, is that correct? It doesn’t work at all or just some features? I have the Verizon Tab, so it would be great if it would at least type.

  • Briannamarchand

    I am so disappointed to hear this product does not work for the sprint tabs…i really wanted one after your review. Any suggestions for a similar product the is supported by sprint tabs?

  • This is nice to know seeing as how I ordered one a month ago and just received it today. I have the Sprint version Tab. Now the keyboard just a bookend.

  • Quillback

    I received my keyboard last week and it didn’t work on Verizon. I received a Verizon update this morning and unpaired my keyboard and then paired it and it connected and is working fine.

  • Thahn071

    Does it work with sprint, I am hoping someone says yes this is such a great gadget and i would love to have this for my tab. But not going to waste the money if it don’t work with sprint

  • Magdalene Lau

    I can’t make it work…maybe I go the passcode wrong? I tried 0000, 1111, 1234, 00000, 12345, etc…please help.

  • JohnM

    Is there an app for the Galaxy tab that’s the equivalent of Soundnote for the iPad? It’s an app that allows recording of lectures and taking notes/drawing shapes at the same. the note-taking and recording are synchronized so that tapping on a specific note taken replays the recording from the moment the note was taken. Recordings are saved in M4P format which can later be sent to iMac or PC or even dropeed at Dropbox. I’m looking for something equivalent on the Galaxy tab.

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