Samsung rethinks Galaxy Tab 10.1″ price and hardware after Ipad 2 release

Apple released this week Ipad 2 and made Samsung change its mind regarding the price and hardware of the upcoming Galaxy Tab 10.1″.

Ipad 2 has been advertised by chief executive officer Steve Jobs as “dramatically thinner” compared to the 1st generation Ipad, being one-third slimmer (8.8 millimeters).

Taking into account the fact that Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1″ is 10.9-millimeter thin, Lee Don-joo, executive vice president of Samsung’s mobile division, acknowledged that Apple raised the stakes by making a slimmer tablet at the same price as its previous version.

“We will have to improve the parts that are inadequate,”…”Apple made it very thin.”

The price of Ipad 2 starts at $499 and goes up to $829, compared to Galaxy Tab’s 10.1″ price which was first set by Vodafone Portugal to €699.90 ($977) off contract or €399($558) with contract in Spain. These values will definitely change and we are curious to see how low are they going to be.

Lee added, “The 10-inch (tablet) was to be priced higher than the 7-inch (tablet) but we will have to think that over,”.

As we previously said when Galaxy Tab 10.1″ was announced, we hopped Samsung will add more features/change something and it seems they will do so in order to compete with Apple’s Ipad 2 and the other upcoming Android Tablets.

Via : Yonhapnews

  • Anonymous

    They needed to rethink the pricing, $977 and $558 and it’s trying to compete against he Icrap 2 and the Xoom?! Yeah good luck with that.

  • Medoo

    we don’t care about the thickness thin it looks great already we care about the high price …. they have to cut it down even lower the ipad price …

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  • The Galaxy Tab is arguably the best tablet so far 🙂

  • Andi

    If they are also thinking about changing the hardware, please Samsung, make a sd-card-slot happen.Many thx;-)

  • For the time being there is no official Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 release date or price tag, but we’ll have to keep our eyes open for this one and see if Samsung will manage to pull it off.

  • This is a measure Samsung will have to take in order to make their upcoming Android tablet competitive when facing the low price tag of the iPad 2.

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