Samsung Galaxy Tab receives a new TV AD : “The PC Has Evolved”

Samsung just released a new interesting TV AD for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7-inch. Watch it and let us know what you think!

  • Medoo

    i don’t understand why a new Ad for the old 7 inch tab ??? i thought a new AD will be about the 8.9 inch tab or the 10.1 tab …..

  • 12river

    Well it is still a new gadget and shouldn`t be forgot about from Samsung as a lot of people have still to get there money worth out of it. Its nice to see Samsung putting some interest in this instead of the newer tabs and not forgetting about it. After only two months of owning a Tab all I ever heard was about the newer models coming out. Felt so ripped off. This advert has to be a good sign. We are not forgotten.. 🙂

  • M Abuelezz

    I think that the first galaxy tab should have the honeycomb it was the first Android tablet

  • I still think the 7″ form factor works best for mobility. I take it everywhere along with my Livescribe pen and journal. The perfect combination. I read most all of my books for my Master’s degree on the built-in Kindle software, I use Pulse, YouVersion (Bible Software) and Ultimate To Do List (Tablet version) everyday on the Galaxy Tab.

  • I like it. The 7″ form factor is the most portable. That is where Samsung has the greatest opportunity to be a market leader. The primary key to success is going to be apps. Marketing is important but the android apps have to improve in quality and quantity to be competitive against the iPad. (I have a Tab and iPad)

  • Kent53johansen

    I have now used the 7″ Tab for about 2 months. Once you use one you will not want to go without. The 7″ is convenient for its portability. It will fit into the pocket of my coat. Try that with the competitive 10″ pads! I am continually loading new applications. I will use it for years to come. I highly recommend this unit.

  • Anonymous

    Has evolved to Honeycomb and OS 2.3.

    Needs an update. Desperately. Samsung should also include how they never update any of their devices. Other than that, form factor is perfect.

  • Jimmycutter

    Could we run Power Point with the 7″ Tab and hook it up with a projector?

  • Jimmycutter

    Also, does it have an external keyboard? Could it sub for a computer? I guess is what I’m asking.

  • Jimmycutter

    Will the new 7″ Tab (Galaxy Tab2?) have honeycomb?

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