Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 stars in Promo Video

The guys from AndroidHD released a video showing “one day with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1” in which some of the special features of the new tablet are shown.

The video looks more like an advertisement than a test video, it’s 12 minutes long and features elements such as video conferencing and media capture, Google Voice Search , Google Earth, GPS Navigation with voice command and Google Goggles.

Take a look at the video (below) and let us know what you think about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.

Source : AndroidHD , Via HufingtonPost


  • Anonymous

    Looking good!

    The form factor is gorgeous, and the OS looks to be quite full featured as well.

  • New TABer

    Overall the video was nicely done. I just purchased the 7 inch version of the TAB but now I want the 10.1. Love it!

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