Project AppTab: Tablet Optimized Apps for The Galaxy Tab

Here at we are always bringing you the latest and greatest when it comes to news about our beloved Tab. As much as it pains me to admit this, one section that I have been neglecting, is none other than the app reviews. Don’t get me wrong, its not that I don’t love spending hours shooting videos, editing them, uploading and writing an article just for one app; I mean, who doesn’t love work right? But in all seriousness, we love being able to find gems in the Android Market, and most of all, we love sharing them with our viewers! When the Galaxy Tab first came out, it was difficult to find applications that were tablet-optimized. I am not talking about an app that “tablet compatible”, which is just another word for saying, “yes, our app scales up to your tablet”, but I am referring to an app that was specifically created with a tablet in mind. Now with the addition of Honeycomb, there already have been a few applications that have been designed specifically for honeycomb tablets such as the one, and literally, only Motorola Xoom. What does that mean for us? It basically means we are out of luck trying to get them running on our Tabs.

But the way I think of it, developers can not deny the existence of Galaxy Tab owners, we are large in numbers! That means there must be applications that are designed for tablets and yet, be compatible with our ancient software, Android 2.2. So without further adu, I present to you, Project AppTab.

Every week or so, depending on content availability, I will be doing reviews specifically on tablet-optimized apps. So join me as we embark on his adventure together; let the reviewing begin!

Apps Reviewed:

1) Unofficial BBC News

With all the recent catostrophes occurring around the world, the BBC news team does a great job of keeping me updated. The app is very simple; article snippets appear the left side of the tablet and tapping on it opens the full story on the right. Flash media such as videos and audio recordings are supported an play directly in the app. As I mentioned, the app is simple so don’t expect too much. The only feature missing that I believe should be included is the ability to share a story on twitter or whatever application you want. Hopefully we will see this and additional features added in the near future.



2) GoAruna

The perfect way to explain this app is by asking the question, what would happen if a ES File Explorer & Dropbox decided to have a baby? GoAruna would be the result! GoAruna gives us the best of both worlds. Its a very intuitive file manager with a twist. GoAruna provides you with 2 GB of free online storage and it allows you to upload files from your SD card to the GoAruna servers. Once uploaded, you can send links to your friends so they can download the file and you can access them anywhere using the GoAruna website. One cavet, you need to be online to use the app, period! Even with that little inconvenience, its definitely worth the grab and with the price of FREE, who could resist?


3) Twidroyd

Twidroyd is a twitter application with some pseudo-tablet-like features. The two paneled UI makes it more aesthetically pleasing and actually more efficient Twitter app. Unfortunately with the panels not being re-sizable it just makes makes the experience feel cramped. Nevertheless, for those itching for a tablet-like experience for Twitter, this is as close as it gets.

4) Dual Window Web Browser

Catchy name huh? Joking aside, DWWB (ya that’s right, I acronymed it!) is my favorite application this week. It fulfills my dream of being able to view two websites simultaneously! You can have your email opened on the left side of the screen and be reading an article written by yours truly on the right. Keep in mind that this beta so please do your best to report bugs and issues to the developer rather than leave them a 1-start and a bad review. Even with its current stature, this app is nothing more than just pure, “Winning!”-Charlie Sheen


Video Review:

Alright so I highlighted a few apps here but I go in depth with each on I my very long video. Yes its long, but informative! Check it out after the break:

Well that’s about it for the first official, AppTab Review. I want TheGalaxyTab (TGT) community to be as much a part of this as possible. So if you have suggestions or if you have an app that you think is worth reviewing then don’t hesitate to email me at If you are a developer and would like us to review your app, please contact us as well. Help us, help you! Till next time folks, keep tabbing!

PSA- If you would like to donate to the Japan relief, I have included links to a couple good places to donate. We are in no way affiliated, we are only doing our parts as human beings to help our friends. Our thoughts go out to them.


Red Cross

-TheGalaxyTab Team

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  • Briannamarchand

    This was a great read for me as a new Tab user. I look forward to the next reviews.

  • Yvan Lamontagne

    As a long time Apple fan boy, I was about to buy the iPad 2. Recently Apple disabled without any warning an important feature of the Apple TV 2 (the Descriptions for home movies entered in iTunes). All the movie descriptions that I had painstakenly entered iTunes for my movie library have vanished from the TV screen and there is nothing that I can do about it because Apple won’t even respond to user complaints. That kind of inconsiderate behavior had me jump the fence. As soon as it becomes available i’ll purchase the Galaxy Tab 10.1 which for the same price offers even better hardware than the iPad 2.

    Keep on the good work because the app store is what makes or kills a tablet. I don’t know much about the Android system but I wished that the various tablet manufacturers would standardize their offerings so as to facilitate the coming of only a few and ideally one big Android app store. What do you think?

    • Techboy52

      This is why your decision seems illogical to me. Google/android is so fragmented and poorly constructed it ca never win! Software drives hardware. Always has always will! Google flat doesn’t understand this.

      • Steveintheukok

        Android can never win…when it is already outselling iOS…erm…it’s already won.

  • Sdisanto1029

    Absolutely HATE this thing. Difficult to find apps, very very slow and none of the apps work on it. We have TWO of them and are having the same problem on both. the media hub does not work at all. Constantly suspends the download and have watch 1/2 of a single movie we’ve downloaded. DO NOT waste your money.

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