Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 details revealed!

Tomorrow Samsung is going to announce the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 which is the third tablet in its series. Pocketnow managed to grab some pictures from the CTIA stand of the Galaxy Tab 8.9 and here we have more details regarding the slate.

The Korean company will release their own customized  interface on top of Android 3.0 Honeycomb which includes Live Panel homescreen, custom widgets such as Buddies Now, Agenda, Email, Weather, News, Stock, Gallery, Date, Bookmark  and an interesting app switcher.

The second picture reveals more details of the new Galaxy Tab : 8.9″ display providing 1280×800 resolution WXGA, it will weight only 470 grams and will be extra thin at 8.6mm (thinner than Ipad 2 – 8.8mm). The whole tablet will be powered by a 1GHz CPU.

So what you guys saying? Looking forward for tomorrow’s show?

Via : PocketNow

  • Dominik Oblak

    I am a proud ovner of galaxy tab an cant wait for new one! Love my galaxy

  • Kdh78r

    I have a Galaxy Tab and absolutely LOVE it. One of the things I love about it is the ability to have it with me at all times. I would not be interested in this device because it is too large.

  • Philip Blair

    I am pissed of hearing about Samsungs new tablets and how wonderful they are going to be. I purchased the original 7 inch tablet at christmas and ever since then I have heard nothing but what to expect from the next range of tablets. Samsung provide no no support whatsoever for current tablet users, nothing! So would I buy one of the new (slightly larger tablets) based on the product itself and the android OS? Absolutley, yes I would, the 7 inch unit is brilliant. However base it on Samsungs support (or distinct lack of suport) and the answer has to be a resounding NO, NO, NO!!

    Samsung seem to have totally forgotten all about the customers who have purchased the 7 inch tab. This could be as a result of them being primarily a mobile phone seller and are used to launching new handsets at the drop of a hat to satisfy consumer demand. However tablet users, like iPad users want a period of time to elapse between new versions of hardware and when new hardware is launched tablet users like iPad users expect and more importanly deserve to be supported by the hardware manufacturer, something which Apple (which I very begrugingly) have to admit a degree of envy over.

    So should you consider purchasing one of the new Samsung (slightly larger) tablets? From this very happy user of the inch tab, the answer has to be yes. Unfortunatley though; from this very unhappy Samsung Support Customer, I really have to say no and that really is disappointing becuase my tablet is fantastic, but if Samsung can’t even be arsed to offer any sort of support to users then I might just have to consider an apple next time.

    Come on Samsung, don’t forget those who had faith to buy your first venture into the tablet market, epsecially when an iPad could have been purchased for considerably less than the the cost of my tablet, I think we deserve better treatment than that, DON’T YOU??

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