[VIDEO] Honeycomb Makes It To The Samsung Galaxy Tab!….Almost UPDATE – Now with video!



Honeycomb has made it’s first appearance on the 7″ Samsung Galaxy Tab today. This unofficial port is courtesy of XDA developer Spacemoose1. Keep in mind that this is still, very much a work in progress and is not ready to be released yet. This amazing feat has been accomplished with no source (not for a while either); rather, this is a port of the SDK emulator. Spacemoose1 is working hard for us so be sure to donate to support his work. You can find the XDA thread here. [XDA] [Droid-Den]

UPDATE– Its seems like Spacemoose1 has been even busier with the Honeycomb port. According to the latest post on XDA, the developer is working on two versions of this SDK port. One will be a quick & dirty port, which is about 90% finished, and a FULL universal SDK port; the latter will take a lot of time to complete. The dirty port is going to be worked on for the next few days so don’t be surprised if it is released by within a week. Unfortunately it is not clear if this will be working on GSM Tabs just yet. Spacemoose1 is using a CDMA device so it only makes sense that CDMA users get top priority. Hopefully the GSM version is not too far behind. Until then, check out the video of an alpha “dirty” build of Honeycomb running on the Samsung Galaxy Tab!


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