[Video] GSM Galaxy Tabs finally gets some Honeycomb lovin’, no longer hates CDMA brother

If you were a sim-card carrying Galaxy Tab owner whose eyes were green with envy when we announced that the Honeycomb alpha build was only for CDMA devices, you were not alone. I too hated disliked them anti-sim card loving hippies. But alas, patience is a virtue.

Though it seems to be a quiet release, nevertheless, a GSM version of the alpha Honeycomb SDK ROM has surfaced from a Russian website and, thanks to Google translate & XDA members, was brought to everyones attention. In order to get this work on our GSM tablets, the Russian developer used the work of XDA developer Spacemoose1 and recompiled the kernel to meet our tabs requirements. For those not well acquainted with Linux talk, its basically like saying we took a part of an engine that fits on a Honda and we made it fit on a Toyota (err..something like that).

Same rules apply here as they do with any alpha build; flash at your own risk & dont whine about things not working! Of course we just couldn’t wait; we got our hands a little dirty and flashed this bad boy on the T-Mobile version of the tab. Our first impression was, “WE HAVE HONEYCOMB!”. After that, it was back to our regular firmware; we love nandroid! If you are as adventurous as us, go ahead and give that source button a click. Keep in mind that sound, accelerometer, apps, GPS, etc do not work yet and wont for a little while. Check out the video after the break. Good luck fellow hackers! [XDA] [Image] [Original Site & Video]

  • Winny

    Let´s us do step 1: 2.3!!!!

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