Wi-Fi Galaxy Tab now on sale in US for $350!

The Wi-Fi version of the original Samsung Galaxy Tab is now available for purchase in the United States for $350.

As Samsung previously announced, the Galaxy Tab Wi-Fi is now available and you won’t have to sign for any long-term contracts like with the 3G version. The spec are the same as the Galaxy Tab 3G; the slate is powered by Android 2.2 on top of which Samsung’s Touchwiz and the Swype keyboard will be present.

A number of online retailers are already selling the device such as Circuit City, CDW, TigerDirect and CompUSA. FRYS.com and Amazon will follow soon, where the tablet is not in stock at the moment.

So who is interested in the Wi-Fi version and who already has it? For more details, visit Samsung’s Page!

Source : Samsung


  • Yehat

    Now… wouldn’t it be great if Samsung also focuses to bring more software support for over 2,000,000 GT devices sold and bring also some promised accessories, instead to continue to provide “promotions” by cutting on last years products…

    • Have bought this and found that it cannot play 720p video smoothly, as hardware acceleration cannot be enabled from various players. Guess I should have waited for Honeycomb tablet instead. As the price is almost as expensive as the next generation tablet, recommendation is to skip this or to get the original Galaxy tab instead. Samsung drops the ball by putting inferior hardware to a product of the same brand new.

  • Matthew Therrien

    Received our Tab from TigerDirect – $349.00 and no tax – fabulous deveice, top of the line build quality and great screen resolution. Love it – and we are an Apple shop and we prefer this to iPad 1

  • Stuart

    This isn’t the same hardware. It has a different processor (possibly TI OMAP) and definitely a different GPU (Power VR SGX 530, instead of the SGX 540 in the original Tab). Still got GPS and the same screen, memory, etc. Quadrant scores are 70% of those from the original Tab.

  • Nyreenlarry


  • I order mine from Amozon.com just waiting for it to arrive.

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